A Completed Journey

Afterglow (Independent)

By Kory Wilcoxson

It's amazing how much growth Mile7 has made since their debut album, 2006's Kingdom Come. On that disc, the Southern Indiana band offered up engaging, soulful worship rock, but lacked a focus and a signature sound. While the disc was imperfect, the potential was obviously there.

Afterglowtakes what was good about Kingdom Comeand completes it, like color added to a black-and-white picture. Mile7 seems to have found its identity and that self-confidence and sense of purpose pervades all seven songs on the disc.

The band slides easily into the worship music genre, but stands head and shoulders above most groups who wear that label. The two opening tracks, "Back to Life" and "How Great You Are," call to mind early SonicFlood or the best of MercyMe. Those songs, along with others like "Sweetest Symphony" and "We Are Alive," are catchy, sincere and memorable.

Part of the band's new self-understanding is each member's ability to remember their music is first and foremost a form of worship. While bassist Danny Flowe, drummer Jeremy Oliver, guitarist Evan Cloninger and singer and violinist John Porter each have their moments to shine, the contributions of the band members ultimately point beyond themselves to the One whom they are glorifying. That is the definition of worship music and Mile7 has really hit its stride.

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