Guaranteed to Stick in Your Head

The Sounds of Love EP (Fearless Records)
The Morning Light

By Kory Wilcoxson

The Morning Light is a bit like a musical protégée. A mere eight months after the group formed, they were touring extensively and signed to a record deal. This meteoric rise is justified by the band's first offering, "The Sounds of Love EP."

The band uses dual vocalists - Harrison Wargo and Bobby Garver - to create their intricate sound. Their music draws a favorable comparison to bands like Relient K and Death Cab for Cutie: genuine lyrics ("You're Not Mine"), a variety of tempos (the melodic "The Love" and the noisy "Books and Letters") and insanely catchy hooks (every song).

This is what catchy pop music is supposed to be about. No gyrating bimbos. No guest rappers. No song titles that don't make any sense. Just music that moves your feet and sticks in your head. You'll be hearing more from The Morning Light. Get this EP so you can say you knew them way back when.

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