Time to Lighten Up

Gravity's Our Enemy (Skaggs Family Records)
Cadillac Sky

By Kory Wilcoxson

The title of Cadillac Sky's second album couldn't be more appropriate. The band, makers of what they call "outlaw acoustic music," refuses to be pinned down to a specific genre, instead choosing to flit between country, bluegrass, roots rock and places in between.

The result is as varied as it is satisfying. Cadillac Sky sounds comfortable in a plethora of places: the traditional country twang of "U Stay Gone," the soaring instrumentals of "The Majestic Swan," even the revised jug band sound of "Inside Joke." The band's adeptness at a selection of ranges is a testimony to their musical proficiency and dedication. These guys can flat-out play.

The only drawback I found on Gravity was its, well, gravity. Cadillac Sky's music invites toe-tapping, but the boys come across as so earnest and serious that there's not much playfulness to be found. Their tales of abused spouses ("Bible by the Bed") and jilted lovers ("It Won't Be Over You") are haunting but would benefit from a little more light-hearted balance.

Get a heavy dose over at www.cadillacsky.net.