First Strike of Lightning

I'll Be Lightning (Liberation)
Liam Finn

By Mia Bailey

Liam Finn's first solo album is certainly energy well spent. The son of Crowded House front man Neil Finn and an accomplished musician in his own right since the age of 13, Finn delivers music that moves my feet to tap in time. The culmination of smooth vocals and melodic guitar flows from beginning to end, with a few exceptions.

Track four, "Lead Balloon," dishes out spirited vocals and a crashing beat, then takes another turn with piano and harmonizing on "Shadow of Your Man" that adds a Lennon-esque quality to this CD.

Finn's music is lyrically clever and filled with wonderful harmonies but lacks emotion in the delivery. Not that I discount his talent - his clear tenor voice is reminiscent of his father's, but is a bit one-dimensional. There is much to be desired in a connection between the lyrics and the expression of what those words feel like from the songwriter.

While the album flows well, the sound rarely peaks or valleys- it consistently remains flat and without that quality that catches the ear with surprise.

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