Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

• Your humble editor has to report that his excuse for not posting on his blog very much over the month of August was a result of family health issues, which are being resolved. My apologies for my non-posting; I promise to do better.

• LMN Bluegrass reviewer Bob Mitchell has gotten himself a web radio show, called "Best of Bluegrass." You can hear broadcast each Sunday from 3 - 5 p.m. (CST) (20:00 GMT) on Radio Bluegrass International from the web site of the International Bluegrass Museum. There is no cost and the station broadcasts Bluegrass music all day long, every day.

Mr. Wonderful Productions, Inc. is once more looking for new artists. Contact Ron Lewis at .502-774-1066 or <

Marvin Maxwell has another shipment of new Jammin' Johns. Go to for a look. I noticed them in the window of Plumber's Supply on East Main the other day, too. Needless to say, they're available at Mom's Music.

Heidi Howe has taken on the position of Children's Music Director at the Louisville School of Rock. Exactly what that means isn't quite clear yet, but no doubt it will be soon.

• The Battle of the Bands contests that are put on at Headliners Music Hall, primarily by a Cleveland company called Gorilla Productions, have been drawing lots of comments on the 502Scene board, most of them negative. The bands that get involved often come away feeling distinctly taken advantage of. Given that the company is in business to make a buck, this is not a surprise. However, a number of reports seem to indicate that the company does not deliver on all of its promises and/or cancels shows at the last minute. Here's a link to a post about the matter:

David ‘Sailor' Bryant, former leader of My Own Victim and currently fronting Surviving Thalia, has joined Caldera as lead vocalist. His debut with the band will be on September 20 at The Brewery Thunderdome with Snaked Eyed Savior, Kavehill, Descention and Lucifer Complex.

Slint's songs seem to have more legs than would seem reasonable for a band with as thin a discography as Slint, but, hey, that's why they're a famous cult band. Now someone has written a scary children's book around "Good Night Captain." You can get a PDF of it at'

• Anybody else notice that the Velocity website has been incorporated into the Courier-Journal's main site? It's rather hard to find out exactly what's in the weekly 'alternative' without picking up a copy. Hmmm... given that it's an advertising medium first and foremost, maybe I already have the answer to my question.


Albrecht, William, "John: Jr., 68, died August 18, 2008. He was a Marine Corps Band verteran, a member of Commonwealth Brass Band and a former member of the Louisville Orchestra.