Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal

Name Chloa Mardis

Age 29

Chloa Mardis

Instrument Windpipes, kazoo, cowbell, brassknuckles, keys

Band/Former Bands Anton Mink and resident vocalist w/ Dj Headknockah

How long on instrument Ever since the doctor spanked me on the ass.

Equipment Megaphone and a soapbox.

Influences Mary J. Blige, Jim Morrisson, Glenn Danzig, Patsy Cline, Billie Holliday

My first gig Club Salsa back in the day! I actually sang though some headphones because there was no mic.

Hobbies Right now I've been concentrating on some home brew.

Favorite movies Sin City, Children of Men, Gummo, Big Trouble in Little China, Pineapple Express

Favorite food Sushi from Sapporo's!

Favorite place Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Bad habits Taco Bell always gets me into trouble!

What I'm listening to nowadays Usually this changes every few days, right now I'm in a retro mode with The Mary Jane Girls and Patrice Rushen.

Coolest thing I've done Acid

Most embarrassing moment Me embarassed? When we went on tour I had a little headcold by the time we got to Oakland and I had to stuff some bits of toilet paper in my nose because it was running so bad, anywho one of them popped out during a heavy part but thankfully no snotties followed.

Who do you love Jesus

When/where did you first get some I'm saving myself for marriage.