Guerilla Rock

Fitehouse (FMM)

In a time where the major label music industry is crumbling, artists are provoked to come up with their own marketing schemes in order to be heard.

Fitehouse is the self-proclaimed home of open source music and guerilla rock 'n' roll. Their self-titled CD comes wrapped in a poster that carries the theme of la Loteria, a bingo-esque traditional Mexican game. The poster's artwork attempts to tackle the music industry and its major players with artwork that depicts a man sitting atop a chair of money (the industry), a puppet with a microphone (the disc jockey) and a pack of hungry rodents circling each other (the media).

The poster and group's website also includes a disclaimer from the group that allows listeners to re-use or re-mix any of the songs. Fitehouse's position is supported by their ideal that music is meant for sharing.

Fitehouse opens with the groovy "Goodbye." The jello-fied bass line runs around a dirty Fender lead, upbeat fat-snared drums and crooning vocals. "Goodbye" has an unmistakably fine Latin feel that shake rattles and rocks n' rolls.

"Hearts Pound" is no less entertaining, with a Flea-type bass line, a soothing acoustic guitar and tickling lead. The lead vocals have a smooth Jim Morrison vibe throughout.

Perhaps the most audibly interesting track is "Meridian," which opens with a Death Cab jam kind of feel. The guitar is dry and lazily intertwining and the vocal have a Talking Heads feel elastic, enthusiastic and emotional.

The music is infectious and Fitehouse's idea and purpose gives it some sense. Check out their website,, to get a full idea of what the group is attempting to do with its music a mission statement if you will.