An Old-Fashioned Rock 'n' Roll Ride

Ride This! (Independent)

WayneYoung and the New Legends

Louisville music veterans The New Legends, headed by Wayne Young, are still kicking. The group, based out of Prospect, recently released its latest CD, Ride This!, just in time to be soaked up by the warm weather.

Tracks like "More Rum," which mixes rock reggae with Jimmy Buffett lyrics are sure to sound great on the outside decks of Captain's Quarters, while the wasted 50-somethings dance modestly in their leathered, sun-baked skin. It actually sounds kind of fun.

"Motorcycle Momma" encapsulates the theme of the album, which places seven members of the band chillin' on Harleys, decked out in leather and blue jeans. The track begins with a dry classic rock drumbeat and gets going with an Aerosmith-type blues riff and Charlie Daniels-type keys before rising into a chorus where Wayne Young confesses love for his tattooed, whiskey-drinking motor mama.

"Rock 'N' Roll is the Answer" jams on the same style of gritty blues/rock, but the lyrics gospel-ize Young's feeling toward rock 'n' roll.

The guitarist/singer sings in his rough and tumble voice about being a young rebel, making some money, "blowin' the score" with his wife and always seeming to answer his problems with rock 'n' roll.

Someone's digging it. Young's career in music spans a solid 50 years he's opened for artists like the Byrds and Bo Diddley. While he wrote only two songs on "Ride This," Young continues to succeed in attaining an audience and making a living. Hat's off to Mr. Young.

It's too bad Carnival doesn't have a cruise boat that ventures up and down the Ohio River, because this outfit would make a pretty good house band.

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