Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

• Rolling into August in Louisville used to mean that all the interesting music or at least the major label music was happening at the Kentucky State Fair and the rest of the month was mostly dead. How times have changed. The KSF has never tried to stay really current, with the exception of hot country acts and that has not changed. What's different is, as has been noted in this space before, that the river of touring acts continues unabated through the month, leaving little in the way of breathing room, not to mention little left in the wallet.

From the point of view of music fans, of course, these are the problems of excess, not scarcity (other than funds). Following the festival-heavy month of July, it'll be interesting to see what groups draw and which don't.

• A little housekeeping news you likely noticed that the print edition of LMN is smaller. This is due to a change of presses at the company where we get the paper printed. A search in the area revealed that there are not many presses able to handle the size the paper was, at least not at a price we could manage. Hence, the paper has shrunk. However, a bit of redesign here and there has mostly saved the copy we can print. What has changed and will continue to change is the online version of LMN, which will host copy and photos that we can't get into the print edition.

In the area of gain rather than loss, we have added a good deal of Louisville music video to the website, attached to the various genres. Any Louisville groups with video posted on Youtube should send us a link to the vid and we'll add it in. Email is

• MUSIC BLOGGERS WANTED. We're trying to ramp up the blog list on the LMN website and we are looking for folks interested in writing about music, particularly Louisville music. The blogosphere is, as most of us know, an area for labors of love and we confess that it's no different at LMN. We're working on building the online ad sales, but it's a difficult task. In the meantime, if you would like to have a crack at a blog, email me at and we'll set you up. There are some perks to go along with the blogs and now and then, some of your writing could be in ink on dead trees.