Louisville Rock That Sticks

Love Outrageous

(Jangle & Roar Records)

The Deloreans

By Steve Morgan

A band's first album can be a tricky. There is no shortage of things that can go wrong, and there are even more things that can go overlooked. Often, attention to detail and careful production are cast aside in the name of saving money or just outright laziness. But with all of these possible pitfalls, Louisville's own Deloreans have come along and made a record that is not only executed with care, but filled with fun, contagious, hook-riddled songs.

Their sound is certainly fresh. It's something of a combination of 1950s button-down rock mixed in with spooky, surfy guitar riffs, dipped in a 1970s lovesick Costellian urgency (if that makes any sense).

Lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Jeremy Perry's unconventionally dramatic vocal style may raise an eyebrow or two at first listen, but after hearing the thick, layered harmonies of songs like 'Beast' and the desperate catchy pleas of 'Why Don't You Say,' it's clear that Perry knows exactly what he's doing, and it works very well.

Drummer Evan Pouchak, along with bassist Bill Willis, lock into Perry's riff-driven ditties and show a clear symbiosis. Pouchak impressively commands a variety of funk/rock grooves and feels throughout the 12 cuts, yet manages to remain stylistically coherent and aware without sounding repetitive. The groove on 'Demons' is probably one of the nastiest on the record, and I mean that in the good way.

Love Outrageous is truly a fine album. It's a collection of 12 songs which rarely hit the three minute mark but will stick in your brain for hours and hours after listening. I urge everyone to check out the Deloreans as soon as possible.

Find out more at http://www.myspace.com/thedeloreansmusic.