GWAR at Expo Five

By Jason Koerner

And then I had to go to work the next day.

It may have been difficult to explain why I was covered in blood (both green and red blood at that) under any other circumstance, but after a GWAR concert, it's just protocol.

The band from outer space visited Louisville on a previously normal Wednesday night, November 4, at Expo Five. This was a Terry Harper production… and another expensive clean-up bill for the local promoter (think about Insane Clown Posse less than two weeks ago).

GWAR consists of members Oderus Urungus on vocals, Balsac the Jaws of Death and Flattus Maximus on guitars, Jizmak Da Gusha on drums, and Beefcake the Mighty on bass. This concert I mean "death-rally" was on my Bucket List. It's one of those things I felt compelled to do before I die … if you know anything about GWAR, you know it is a "must-see" at least once in your life. I'm actually glad (and disturbed) I did.

Aside from the musical onslaught, GWAR makes the time in-between metal melodies just as brutal. Story-telling, videos, live "theater," and much more make this band a true entertainment package. Admittedly, I knew little to nothing about them, their music, or why I was there on a work-night, but it didn't take long to learn that this band had a thirst for performance … and blood … and excessive sexual innuendo.

No one is safe from GWAR's grip. The audience is assured to have ringing ears for a few days and alien blood in every cavity. The front row has an up-close-and-personal view of Oderus' "manhood" extending far over the stage monitors. Celebrities are not even safe from GWAR's antics, and Michael Jackson proved by coming back from the dead and being an extraterrestrial -molester. President Barack Obama wasn't left alone either, as he was decapitated onstage. Every victim to the band's wrath subsequently doused the audience in blood and guts. It was like Groundhog Day on Halloween on LSD.

Per the music, I have to say I was actually impressed! I don't know why I would have expected any less from a band that has been around for 25 years wearing costumes I couldn't even walk in, let alone play an instrument in. The drummer was fast, accurate and heavy. The guitars shredded solos, and even the bass was heard grooving a few times. Vocals were right for the part, and the band played really well together. Other than the alien suits and simulated murders, it was like a regular concert!

Fans of the band (affectionately called "The Slaves of GWAR") can check out the latest info about their Masters at The band's new album, Lust in Space, and many other items can be purchased online.