Pleasantly Unique

The Show is on the Road (Ramseur Records)

By Ronke Oyekunle

Paleface's The Show is on the Road is a continuous play of guitars, focused and meaningful lyrics and songs with a nice variety in topics. It starts off upbeat and ends upbeat in tempo, giving the album a bright, engaging feel. The music compilation lacks complexity, but makes up for it with the variety in song topics and the rock/jazzy instrumental.

The album starts off with the title song "The Show is on the Road," which is an upbeat rock tune. It moves and the lyrics are catchy. Next, the album continues on with the fast-paced "New York, New York" which, as you would guess, is indeed a song reminiscing about the scenery of the Big Apple.

Again moving on with no pause, but in keeping with the moderately fast paced album begins "The Cheatin' Song." It speaks about experiences of romantic lovers being unfaithful instead of the singer being the cheating party. The Show is on the Road even has a semi-religious song, "Holy Holy," asking to "give me something better." It is a short, but optimistic song, which leads into "Short and Sweet," which is not a full song and definitely lives up to or stays true to its title.

The album ends on a thoughtful note with "Pondering the Night Sky," which is a good end for this compilation of lively songs. The Show is on the Road doesn't seem to follow any particular genre, but one could definitely hear the influences of folk and rock music, which makes this album pleasantly unique.

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