Oh Brother, Here Art Thou

Brothers-N-Harmony (Rural Rhythm)
Crowe Brothers

By Bob Mitchell

In the tradition of the Stanley Brothers, Louvin Brothers and Wilburn Brothers, the Crowe Brothers are carrying on the tradition of skillfully blended, tight harmonies in bluegrass and traditional country music.

Joining Josh and Wayne Crowe is an all-star group of musicians who have won Grammy, IBMA or SPEGMA awards, among them Randy Kohrs, Ronnie McCoury, Steve Sutton, Buck White and Darren Nicholson. Each song showcases the brothers' pleasing vocals as they move through a variety of bluegrass and country styles.

Highlights include tributes to the legends like "Are You Teasin' Me," "Why Not Confess," "Which One is To Blame" and "Country Boy Rick & Roll." Additionally, there are exciting new originals like "Holdin' On When You've Let Go" written by Dixie Hall and Eric Gibson, and "Million For a Broken Heart" and "Take Me By the Hand," written by Josh.

The Crowe Brothers have been recording and touring together since 1975 and have recorded four albums with Raymond Fairchild. Brothers-N-Harmonyreflects a lifetime of experience and creates a pleasant listening experience.

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