Tasty Brit-Tex Rock

Electric Touch (Justice Records)
Electric Touch

By Hunter Embry

Electric Touch is the product of three rock 'n' rollers from Texas and a British lead singer who found his way into the mix after chasing an American girl to the Lone Star state. Electric Touch's self-titled debut album is rock n' roll with nads: rebellious, energetic and swagger-fully sweet.

Electric Touch opens with "Love in Our Hearts," a wild mix of nasty call-and-response guitar riffs, a heartbeat bass line and harassing vocals. "I got a fever and you are my cure. You are the secret that I'm keeping locked behind the door," singer Shane Lawlor seduces around the beat before gracefully floating through a large sing-along chorus.

Equally amusing, "Call My Name" rides on a running bass line that's pushed by a high-hat-filled drumbeat stopped only by a slam on the floor tom before launching into a chord-shredding chorus.

The ride slows on "Lines" as Lawlors lessens on the aggression and colorfully tones his vocals above a grooving bass riff. "I'll walk the line -- sign on the dotted line again," he sings with an Oasis-type rebellion. The drums still keep their smack-shotgun style, breaking only for the deep-seeded, harmonizing vocals that sing in repetition, "I'll get the money."

Electric Touch continues to show why the band could and should be an interesting addition to the retro-rock scene. The album blends funky bass grooves with needling guitar solos ("Give Me A Sign"), thunderously attacking drums with sexy lyrics ("Dance") and 70's power riffs combined with finger-picked doodles that create a legit emotional drive ("Sonic Love").

Each song is an individual unique to those before but touched with modern ideas throughout. Contentedly trapped between the heavier Wolfmother and loftier My Morning Jacket, Electric Touch will give lovers of rock 'n' roll something new to chew on. It's tasty.

Find out more atwww.electrictouchmusic.com.