A Refreshing Compilation of Smooth Jazz

Pieces of a Dream (Heads Up International)
Soul Intent

By Ronke Oyekunle

Soul Intent's Pieces of a Dream is like a compilation of classic 1990s rhythm and blues songs. The album's saxophones sing beautifully each delicious melody passionately. The duo's main composer, Curtis Harmon, skillfully wrote an array of relaxing and upbeat smooth jazz songs. Imagine the serenity of coming home from a long week of work, turning on the radio, and hearing a song from this soulful contemporary jazz album.

Of course, no classic '90s R&B album would be complete without Babyface and, appropriately, Pieces of a Dream has "Give You My Heart," an old school R&B hit by Babyface and Toni Braxton. Tucked away in the middle of the album is "APB" a song reminiscent of an Earth, Wind & Fire jam.

The album also includes several up-tempo songs like "Sway On," "Step on It" and the jamming tune "Things are Looking Up." "Vision Accomplished," written by band member James K. Lloyd, is the artist's self-described flavor of the Pieces of a Dream album. The intonation of the song is eloquent and the movement grooves nicely. One of the latter songs indeed sounds inspired by the time-honored legend of R&B Herbie Hancock, who is Harmon's idol.

Pieces of a Dreams slow jams like "Hindsight," which has a very smooth and relaxing sound, and "Anywhere You Are" (has a complex deep melody that sounds like an After 7 song) round out the album's true classic rhythm and blues sound.

Soul Intent's Pieces of a Dream is definitely worthy of a play on Louisville's B96.5 Quiet Storm or any contemporary R&B music station.

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