Mature Rock 'n' Roll

Welcome To It (Independent)
The Burgoo Kings

By Kory Wilcoxson

The debut from the Burgoo Kings, Louisville's "newest old band," is more than a few years in the making. The band first formed in 2003 and after trolling the scene as a cover band decided to make music they actually wanted to play. Now, with the debut CD, they will find out if it is music others actually wanted to hear.

It is, especially if you've got a few birthdays under your belt. The Burgoo Kings don't make geezer music, but there's a level of love and craftsmanship to their music that requires a level of maturity to appreciate. The band draws comparisons to Boomer staples like Jimmy Buffett ("Welcome to It" is a long-lost cousin of "Boat Drinks") and Little Feat (with the self-deprecating "Victim of Dumb").

The band E.L. Burch, Dan Ash, Rick Burch, Dave Boone and Danny Fahey share an easy camaraderie that gives their music a relax, familiar feel. It helps that they know how to put together a song, such as the toe-tapping "Great Big Zen Miracle" and the sweet "My Heart and Soul's Delight." If I were a girl, that song would make me cry.

Look for the Burgoo Kings in the area or check them out at Now, when you see them, you don't have to request "Freebird" or "Brown Eyed Girl." They've got their own repertoire to showcase, and it's worth a listen.