Big-Time Potential from Austin

Oh Skies of Gray (Independent)
Dana Falconberry

By Kory Wilcoxson

The debut of Austin, Texas, resident Dana Falconberry is as diverse as her talents. The singer-songwriter also plays guitar, banjo, mandolin and piano on the CD's 12 tracks, giving her a lot of creative control and avenues for expressions, and for the most part, Oh Skies of Grey is an authentic and accurate testimony to her talents.

Falconberry's voice is elastic and covers a lot of musical ground. The opening track, "Someday," is all harmony and innocence but is followed by the heavy beat and minor chords of "Love Will Never Leave You Alone," which would be right at home on a Tom Waits album. Just a few songs later, Falconberry muses about her own death on "Singing Lullabies," virtually mimicking Lucinda Williams' nasal twang.

While Oh Skies of Grey loses steam in the second half, there is enough quality here to prove that Falconberry is a voice to track. Her combination of sweetness and melancholy give her plenty of room to explore on the musical landscape, and with her talents, her potential is enormous.

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