Seriously? Um, No

Party Rock (Interscope)

By Hunter Embry

LMFAO recently introduced itself with Party Rock, an over-the-top display of punchy rhythms, synthesizers and obnoxious but catchy lyrics. Its members, Sky Blu and Redfoo, who also dabble in production, disc jockeying and designing clothes, are no strangers to the club circuit or its music.

The album cover shows the two surfing across a dance club crowd dawning leopard print pants, sequence jackets, while crotch grabbing with their tongues hanging out of their mouths. Their image is a perfect fit for the music they create.

The album opens with "Rock," a minute-long intro with what sounds like a sample from "Eye of the Tiger," stabbing into the side of a standard kick/snare dance beat, while the lyrics describe how LMFAO "rocks the beat and rocks the show." The duo continues to persuade its audience to dance while chanting, "Move your feet onto the floor / start to freak and drink some more."

The track rolls right into "I'm in Miami, Bitch," LMFAO's first single, which has earned itself a spot on the charts and into the speakers of hip clothing stores and club PAs alike. The song contains a grooving synth line that's matched with swagger-filled lyrics about the members of LMFAO analyzing their outfits and surroundings within a Miami club.

"I'm in Miami, Bitch" and the rest of Party Rock, which fails in comparison, takes stale, self-indulgent and materialistic rap lyrics of the last decade and pushes them even further.

Party Rock shouldn't be listened to, just heard from the confines of a neon-lit dance floor. Party Rock is so ridiculous that one's brain would cramp if attempting to find some sort of artistic merit within the lyrics -- but that's not necessarily a bad thing, it's the point.

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