Easy-on-the-Ears Rock

Ballad on Third Avenue (Transcendent Music Publishing)
Ed Hale

By Ronke Oyekunle

Ballad on Third Avenue by Ed Hale has a mature message and an easy tempo of music to listen to. The songs are an eclectic array of life experiences. The sound is classic rock, but with a relaxed feel.

The album opens with "Scene in San Francisco," which has a slight up-tempo beat that matches the song's message of an experience of that city. The experience is rather poetic and seems to tell about a romantic relationship in the summer. "Incompatible" sets the stage for the other love ballads on this album about love that does not work out, but seems good in the moment.

Towards the end of the album the listener discovers the song "Architect's Daughter," which is about a love that will always remain or about a lover that will be the one he wants to be with no matter what. Each song gently glides into the next almost unnoticeably, if it were not for the words of each song.

However, the instrumentals are quite complex with gradual transitions and climaxes based upon the arch of the story that each song tells. Ballad on Third Avenue ends with "Never Let Me Go Again" which is a sweet and sad message as well as a change from how the album began with some optimism.

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