Not for the Believers

Live at Longshot (Dirty Church Revival)
Dirty Church Revival

By Ronke Oyekunle

The word "church," when used in Dirty Church Revival, does not stand for religion, but rather stands for something else entirely - and in fact, gets a bit neutered in the process. A listener to this album and a person who takes a glance at their website may think that Dirty Church Revival strives to bring sinners to Christ in an unconventional way because of their references to Jesus Christ, sinners, gospel, the Holy Ghost and a church revival. However, their references to those words are as neutered as the word church (with a little c): This is to say Christian listeners may take offense to the album and the band's overall all message, which, after careful consideration, seems deceptive.

Clearly, the setting of the Dirty Church Revival's Live at Longshot album is not a church, and atmospherically it definitely sounds every bit like a live band session at a small nightclub in Louisville. The listener hears the cheers of the audience beneath bluesy rockers like "Jumper on the Line" and "Pullin' Water from a Dry Well," wherein lead singer Danny Miller sings in a blues/jazzy improvisation way. The album progresses to a heavier sound with "Comin' Around Again." However, Miller continues delivering his vocals based on his rhythm and blues interpretations, the tone of the audience, and the emotion from the tempo of the band, thus in keeping with dirty blues appeal.

The middle of the album alternates between gospel and rhythm and blues with tracks such as "Merciful Jesus," "Poor Boy," and "Money" - a rolling, bluesy cover of the original 1959 song "Money (That's What I Want)" by Barrett Strong of Motown Records. (The song was also, of course, a standard for the Beatles in their early days.) The live session-turned-album displays Dirty Church Revival's musical range and popularity with its fan base.

Nevertheless, the end of the Live at Longshot and the end of their website message makes it clear they mix several music genres such as rock, metal, some soul and some R & B to form their sound. Still, don't be fooled - this isn't meant for the Christian marketplace. This is more for those who worship at the altar of beer and Kentucky bourbon.

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