Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

Over the last few days of November, there were three fairly large benefits staged in Louisville – the benefit for John Gage; Eddy Metal's Rock For Kosair 6 and MERF's 2nd Annual Viva La Diva. The results were these: Gage Benefit – Close to (or perhaps past) $20,000. Rock For Kosair – $6000+; Viva La Diva -- $3000.

This says a lot about both the generosity and diversity of Louisville's music audiences, particularly the latter, which only showed overlap slightly with respect to VLD and Gage. John Gage, of course, has been a fixture in town for thirty-six or so years and, in addition to his role as the godfather of acoustic music, thanks to Kentucky Homefront, he has also been the preacher (so to speak) to Louisville's acoustic musicians in particular (Full disclosure – John presided over my marriage to my current spouse). This benefit more nearly echoed the original benefit for Marvin Maxwell, which ultimately raised so much money that the excess was used to start the Musicians Emergency Relief Fund, now called the Musicians Emergency Resource Foundation

MERF's 2nd Annual Viva La Diva show tapped some of those same audience members, but it also drew from a different demographic, notably the GLBT segment. Note: there were plenty of straights there, too.

Eddy Metal's Rock For Kosair 6, on the other hand, drew from a completely different market, to wit, hard rockers and metalheads, mostly young. The total for this group certainly belies the notion that this audience is self-centered and disinclined to help others

Whatever the reason(s), it was a blessing to see all these donations, particularly given the economic situation. Clearly, Louisville loves it's musicians

• Also at the end of the year, John Timmons of ear X-tacy issued another video appeal for his customers to come to his new store. That move has resulted in a 30-35% loss in business, so that even with the reduced rent, the business is still in danger of failing. The store is now located in the Douglass Loop area, next to the FedEx store. Go by and check it out

The Kentucky Arts Council's Performing Arts Directory Showcase is set for December 8 – 9, 2010, in the Eifler Theatre at The Clifton Center in Louisville. Performances are free and open to the public. To participate in workshops and booking opportunities, presenters can register online at beginning Nov. 16, 2010. Better hurry, though

• The New York State Fair has awarded a new five-year agreement to Triangle Talent, Inc. to book entertainment for the 2011 through 2015 Fairs. The new contract was awarded after competitive bids were taken in October. Triangle Talent successfully booked the New York State Fair the past two years

Everything you ever wanted to know or didn't know yet about the creation of Slint's Spiderland CD is now available in Spiderland, by Scott Tennant and is on the 33 1/3 imprint. It's available at Carmichael's Bookstore on Bardstown Road at Longest Ave.


Keehn, Ronald Lee "Ronnie", 55, died in Louisville on Novermber 13, 2010. He was a singer and musician who played in several bands, most recently Fully Load'd