Youthful, Local Pop

Always Be Here For You (Independent)
Morgan Brooks

By Kevin Gibson

Morgan Brooks is a teen-age Kentucky-born singer-songwriter who, if her music is any indication, has quite the bright outlook.

According to Brooks' website, she was adopted by her grandparents following her mother's passing in 1999, and she decided to pursue a singing career after her grandmother's death in 2008 to honor the woman's love for music

The result is Always Be Here For You, a 12-track release which kicks off with the sunny love-will-conquer-all title track. The bright-eyed Brooks follows the theme pretty regularly throughout the album with songs such as "Everything Will Be Alright" and "Because I'm in Love With You."

Particularly in the former, she chirps, "You gotta pick yourself up, clean your mess / relax, forget about all the stress / learn how to smile, save your dimes / don't worry about growing up, you've got time / girl, don't you cry, everything will be alright."

Sure, it's impossibly sunny, and it's fairly irresistible as a result - assuming you aren't a complete cynic

Musically, the arrangements are fairly straightforward, mostly of the three-minute pop song variety, performed solidly and with restraint by Collin Brown (drums and production), Ben Lancaster (bass) and Dewey Kincade (guitars), the latter of whom has been making music around these parts for quite a few years

Kincade kicks in a couple tracks here ("One Line Epitaph" and "Arrow"), but Brooks is credited with the other 10, pretty impressive for someone who's barely high school age. One also has to admire the initiative to write a group of songs and seek out a way to put them across, especially in a world in which our young people seem more interested in social media and reality television

All in all, this is a nice surprise and worth a listen. Brooks' grandmother would be proud

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