A Raunchy Throwback

Lawrence Arabia
Chant Darling (Yep Roc Records)

By Ronke Oyekunle

A throwback to the 1950s and '60s, Lawrence Arabia's new album, Chant Darling, starts off with a bang by mixing seriousness with comedy. The album, riddled with Beatles influence, has a steady instrumental sound with variously themed lyrics. This album definitely is not for the strictly conservative listener, but rather may appeal to a more liberal and mature audience.

Chant Darling begins with "Like a Fool," probably the most PG-rated song of the album. The lyrics of "Like a Fool" create irony with the title. Soon after comes "Apple Pie Bed" that takes most of its melody from Little Peggy March's "I Will Follow Him." However, "Apple Pie Bed" does not refer to the more dream-like, PG-rated content as does "I Will Follow Him." The tune is catchy and even the refrain of "Apple Pie Bed" becomes worth repeating.

Further along the album comes another catchy tune called "Fine Old Friends." This fast-paced song, nice fresh upbeat guitar melody, and quick turn of a new guitar melody at the end all combines to make it catchy. "Fine Old Friends" has a simple message about friends. (The song that follows titled "I've Smoked Too Much" explains the rated R content of the song.)

The album ends with a barbershop-like melody "Dream Teacher." However, the message of the song "Dream Teacher" may not exactly be about the ideal teacher, but about the student's fantasy about said teacher. This album's content may be controversial, but the instrumental work is professional, clean and catchy.

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