Not Just Two More Pretty Faces

Said & Done (Independent)
A Lion Named Roar

Hunter Embry

A Lion Named Roar is two Louisville high school buddies with pretty faces, full heads of hair and a serious pop sound to match. Chris Jackson and Tyler Anderson have molded genres to create a beautiful blend of textures only to be overshadowed by sincere songwriting and uplifting vocal performances.

A Lion Named Roar's latest release, Said & Done, is rooted in acoustic songwriting, but the songs are complimented with an array of instruments. The swampy organ on "You Need a Soul" helps carry the grinding rock vocals through the grooving, chopped guitar chords and hip shaking beat.

The piano on "How to Maintain a Sinking Ship" is a soft canvas for the caressing vocal inflections and emotional balladeer-type songwriting. "Currents," the first single from Said & Done, is just a flat-out, well-written pop song, fueled by a rock ‘n' roll-style riff and a seeping, reminiscent, sing-along chorus.

However, Said & Done reaches its peak with "Shoot it Straight," wherein a deeply reverbed slide guitar runs against a Dylan-esque harmonica and shuffling drum beat. The vocal performance is eerie and guides the listener through a story of distrust and soar-emotions.

One could search the Internet for hours attempting to find a new, talented pop act with nice, hook-filled songs. Well, one doesn't have to look far. A Lion Named Road is just one more reason to go local.

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