Breaking Out the Originals, R&B Style

Feel Good Music (Independent)
Living Proof

Ronke Oyekunle

Living Proof's Feel Good Music mixes a live band performance with the lyrical sounds of R&B and hip hop. The instrumental music plays smooth and steady in the background and provides a soulful, yet jazzy feel to the album. The variety of musical styles within each song, the mixture of tempos, and close attention to the message give Living Proof their own style.

The title song introduces the band Living Proof, which is known primarily as a successful cover band in the Indianapolis scene, and its original songs with zest. Then the album immediately flows to "Sway" where Living Proof's hip-hop lyrical style is displayed. By the middle of the album, the tempo slows down with "A Little Bit (of U)," a classic 90's R&B love ballad.

The unrequited love song "Nobody" begins with a beautiful piano solo followed by the chant "Ain't nobody gonna love you quite like me." The album switches back to a more soulful and mid-tempo song with "Dance with Me" that has an Earth, Wind & Fire sound.

The song "Right Place (Right Time)" messages of peace and taking action for change aligns with the community dedication Living Proof has demonstrated. Notably, Living Proof helped organize a Cancer Sucks party that raised money for cancer research.

Feel Good Music returns to the love ballad with "Living in My World." Surprisingly, "Bounce" is not a dance song, but a love song with a reggae sound and a steady beat that just might make you bounce. This album while solid in message displays a unique sound with instances of influence from other bands that preceded them.

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