Musical Answers

Kieran Kane
Somewhere Beyond the Roses (Dead Reckoning Records)

By Ronke Oyekunle

Kieran Kane's album Somewhere Beyond the Roses opens with a nice bluegrass-inspired sound and with lyrics that posses a promise of an album with an enriching moral message. The length of each song barely goes over three minutes, which surprisingly gives the listener enough time to listen dutifully to the thought provoking messages. Somewhere Beyond the Roses has a full range of topics from romantic relationships to the secular world versus religion.

Somewhere Beyond the Roses begins with "Way Down Below" a title wrapped in metaphor. Listening to the words carefully reveals exactly what way down below symbolizes. The album titled song "Somewhere Beyond the Roses" does not lack in metaphors too, but the singer dreams of a place where people can rest their "weary souls" from the daily grind, mistakes, and from it all. A little later, "Unfaithful Heart" artfully speaks about falling in love with the wrong person. The words explain, or rather cannot explain the pain, or how long it takes to mend that broken heart.

Took My Power Back" has the hallmark of a blues song. The simple message of the song is he desires to have his dreams fulfilled, basic shelter and some freedom; however, the song never answers how he took his power back. This next to the last song "Don't Try to Fight It" is a song about the negation of everything, "not a preacher … a poet … a teacher".

By the end, Kane's album fulfills the promise of an enriched moral message with a little added commentary about the struggles of life where sometimes there are no answers to the most weighing questions.

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