Kentucky-Fried Garage Rock

It's Fun To Do Bad Things
The Lions Rampant

By Hunter Embry

Storming out of a rural Kentucky garage, The Lion's Rampant has begun to make a name for itself in Covington and Cincinati with it's gritty blues-based, pop rock ‘n' roll. The power-trio's debut, It's Fun To Do Bad Things is full of short, to-the-point rock songs that carry a genuinely carefree feel.

Meanwhile, "Kara" is '50s sock-hop pop with slurred Ramones-type vocals strewn across the track in repetitive fashion. The nasty guitars on the albums title track are reminiscent of a primed MC5, while the low-fi vocals make it difficult to pick out each word, but then again, there's probably no need.

It's Fun to Do Bad Things is sweaty, repetitive, gritty, thrusting and aggressive. It's unfiltered emotion and The Lions Rampant seems to skillfully draw from every generation of rock that wrote and recorded in similar fashion. They tour a lot, too. One could imagine a The Lion's Rampant show being just as interesting as their debut.

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