Traces of Pet Sounds

Trance Inducer (Debauchery Records)

Hunter Embry

With their second full-length album, Trance Inducer, IamIs returns with a stronger, more comfortable take on their blend of psychedelic pop rock. Jason Cox and Shawna Dellecave, the driving forces behind IamIs, seemed to have polished the rough audible edges with Trance Inducer.

While it takes a few songs for the record to find itself (the album is 15 songs long), the experimentation and strange production techniques are evident immediately. The barrage of panning, reverse-delayed sounds and effects on the album opener "I'm Out by the Pool, Pt. 1" tingle the ear like a bee buzzing around a giant sunflower, while the duo harmonize to the words, "wouldn't it be nice to be in California," in reminiscent Beach Boys fashion.

The Pet Sounds vibe resurfaces again in between the fuzzed-out guitar tones and stomping drums of "Threaded Through," while "Pretty Noises, Pretty Voices" pits a Harvest-like Neil Young guitar tone against peppy Sgt. Peppers-esque verses. Despite all the references to the past ground layers of popular music, IamIs mixes it up enough to create something of their own.

On "With Great Courage," Dellecave channels a young Gwen Stefani during the early No Doubt Days, while getting eerily close to the sound of a late ‘60s Grace Slick performance on "One Trillion Blessings" and a just-as-entertaining, 4 Non Blonde vibe at the end of "Dusty Coasts."

While the album may conjure many feelings from past recordings, Trance Inducer is uniquely its own. IamIs has created a vibrant, energetic and active album that stands up against any major label production within its genre.

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