Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

Not all the app-building is happening on the West Coast – right in Derby City, a team has launched a music app for Android-equipped phones, called Music WithMe. Go to their site and at check it out. Let me hear back what you think.

Here at LMN, we’re always happy to see musicians head out on the road, there to make some money that they can bring back to town and spend here. We think of it like a country’s trade deficit – Louisville sends lots more money to other places for live music then we get back and we’d like to see more folks on the road, gettin’ that money, in exchange for some good Louisville tunes. Anyway. Young Widows has a new CD, In & Out of Youth & Lightness, which Temporary Residence will release on April 12, and the band is heading out on a seven-week U.S. tour to sell some copies. There’s a record release show April 28 at Headliners.
There’s the tour listing at, where you can also get tickets.

While we're mentioning new CDs, Ben Sollee has a new one, Inclusions, coming out on May 10. He has a video of “Embrace” from that CD at

The folks down in Rosine and Owensboro are ramping up to celebrate Mr. Bill's 100 birthday. That wouldBill Monroe, for those of you not from around these parts. His birthday, which isn’t until September 13, is a really big deal there. They’re planning a whole bunch of events. All the details are at I know a bunch of Louisvillians likely to make the trip – are you one?

Occasionally, it’s a good idea to check back into the past for what was happening then, if for no other reason than to see how things look now in comparison. We recently ran across a blog devoted to Louisville music from, primarily, the Sixties, called The blog has a bunch of links to other old-fogie sites, too, including links to sites run by overseas fans of various Louisville groups. Bill Grubb runs the site. Go add some comments.

Thanks to the folks at ear X-tacy for passing along this little bit of info – there is a vinyl record pressing plant right here in Kentucky, specifically Palomino Record Pressing in Shepherdsville. They’ve even posted an exciting video of the record pressing process at work at their website at Who’da thunk it?

Derby Week will be complete this year, as Love Jones will be in town at Headliners on Friday, May 6 for a show. You will, no doubt, hear a somewhat sad rendition of “Central Avenue,” which celebrates the now dead street party that happened along Central Avenue.


Giancola, Ernest "Ernie," 89, died in Indiana on March 25. He was a former member of the June Kelley - John Roy Big Band and a lifetime member of the Louisville chapter of the American Federation of Musicians.

Greene, John Sidney, 75, died in Louisville on February 28, 2011. He was a lifelong musician who worked in the music and entertainment industry.

Hargrave, William "Bill," Jr., 59, of Port Charlotte, FL, passed away March 23, 2011. He was a musician who played in the Yard Dogs Band in Louisville.

Holman, Edna Estelle, 80, died on March 16, 2011. She was a gold member of the Musicians Union.

Moore, Jane Frances Lutkemeier, 96, died ion March 2, 2011. She was a violinist, pianist, vocalist and songwriter who played violin on a weekly WHAS radio shows called :Whispering Violins." A collection of her original compositions, "Love's Legacy," was posted online not long before her passing.

Mumford, James Edward "Eddie," 64, died in Louisville on March 11, 2011. He started the Variety Pack Band and was a member of the original Majestic Band.

White, Paul, 67, died on March 3, 2011 in Louisville. He was a drummer who played for the Thoroughbred Bands.