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By Eddy Metal

"Angel/Devil On My Shoulders"

What up, slugs? I've been busier than a one-legged man at a butt-kicking contest. This playing in two bands is kicking my arse! I don't have time to take a leak.

I tell you what, though, it's been a lot of fun, and I love jamming with my new bandmates. Those dudes in Krosjoint are some laid,back whiskey drinking, easy-to-get-along-with fellas. I got so used to whining and complaining and several drummer problems from my other band that the new project is like a breath of fresh air. Plus I finally get to play metal again, my true element. Yay. What's cool is that I get to rock to the radio-friendly girly stuff, as well as the down 'n' dirty metal riffage! It's kinda like an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. BTW, Krosjoint's debut show went really well. Thanks to all who came out! And finally, Year Of The Gun is recording a five-song demo, after much BS. It should be ready for our CD Release show on April 23 at PHT w/ BoneJinn and Krosjoint.

Ah, the choices we Louisville musicians must make when recording new music. We tried to record some stuff last year, but the studio we were using wasn't to our liking at all. It was way too small, and the guy wanted me to record scratch tracks with a crappy sound that wasn't nowhere near mine and what I'm used to. And to top that off, the place where we were recording wasn't empty. Apparently, there were some big mean guys living in a room next door in this, um, storage space, because they came over all puffy and mad, demanding that we stop playing loud music because they could not hear their TV. It almost got ugly. Stressed out rednecks and big, angry guys? Ow.

It was a fargin recording Studio, what did they expect living in a storage space!!! Needless to say, it did not go well. That studio sucked.

There are so many studios in town these days that recording is a tough and very important decision. You don't want to end up with some total crap recording like a lot of bands put out. Ultimately, we chose to work with Michael Sanders of Jetlag Studios, a young guy with a big heart and some serious talent. Things are going rather slowly as far as the recording process is concerned, partially because the building Jetlag Studios was in suffered fire damage from a fire next door. Fortunately, Mom's Music in Jeffersonville was kind to Michael and let him use some of their space to move the studio into. Hopefully, we can get this CD done ASAP. Recording music makes me nervous! Always has. You couldn't get a needle up my butt with a jackhammer when I was recording my guitar parts!

It's kind of a slow time in our scene right now. Everyone is gearing up for summer and a bunch of shows around Derby time. I love summer and all the fun shows it brings. Hopefully, we can get some great national shows here in town this summer, so we don't have to travel as much to see killer national shows like those that other cities like Cincinnati and Indianapolis get. Heck, we got the brand new venue, The Yum Center, so it shouldn't be a problem now! As far as local music goes, the same places are kickin as always: PHT, Uncle Pleasants, Cahoots, Caddy Shack Pizza (formerly Shooters), The Boondocks in Sheperdsville, Union Station, Hooplas (a smaller club that is part of Expo 5), Headliners (although they aren't doing as much as they used to), The Vernon Club, Lisa's Oak Street Lounge (I still haven't been there!) and ear X-tacy is even having hardcore shows on Saturdays now. I haven't heard much about Wick's lately. It seemed for a while, Wicks was really supporting our music scene. It was great. But now: nothing? I'm going to have to give those guys a call to see what's up with that, and try to get the ball rolling again for this summer so we can enjoy another good venue to jam out at.

So if you want to get out and see some regional talent, hit up any of these places, and I bet you'll find some decent bands playing.

The Metal Grapevine

WIN TIX to PHT's Mother Of All Derby Bash w/ Seven Mary Three and Signal The Revolution (Free- Ride):

The Hill's Derby Eve parties are legendary in this small hamlet, and this year promises to be one fun night as well. Seven Mary Three and Signal The Revolution will be kicking off the drunken festivities we call Derby time. So if you aren't busy that night, be sure to make it down to one cool Derby party you won't forget. For a chance to win tickets, email me atEddymetal1@aol.com at exactly 9 p.m. on Sunday, May 1. In subject line put "Derby Eve Naughtiness."

And don't forget which newspaper and writer hooks you people up with free tickets! Also, thanks to Kim at Phoenix Hill Tavern for being a cool chick and uping some tickets for you folk's. You rock girl!

News From The Pit Online Version:

Due to newspaper downsizing (across the globe!!!), my column is much shorter in the newspaper version of my column. But don't worry, you can see the whole darn thing online at Louisvillemusicnews.net and plenty of pictures too!

I spenta lotof time compiling all this data for you freaks, so I expect you to read the whole darn thing!

Ranting, raving, smuttiness, and cheesy jokes included!

You Canceling Bastages:

Okay, the time has come to lay down the law. The topic of this butt-chewing is bands canceling shows for no apparent good reason at all. What the hell has happened to the old phrase "the show must go on?" It seems some of you mofos today couldn't keep an engagement if your life depended uponit. In the olden days one of us musicians could have been shot, or been puking blood, or missing an eye, bones hanging out our leg, and the show would have still gone on!!!

The slightest little issue and you are ready to throw in the towel. You simply do not realize the work/time/money we promoters/radio DJs, venues, fans and family put into spreading word about these shows you commit to and then cheese out on. And here you go canceling at the last minute, totally messing up our schedules and set plans, and for what? I've heard the dumbest reasons imaginable, from the prima donna rap reggae rock singer who canceled because his voice was a bit crackly to the talented young Brandenburg band that didn't show up half the time, to doom metalers who decided that this show and their time spot wasn't good enough for them (after a month of great exposure, including $985 in radio spots!) to the acoustic rock band who cancels every other show because a band member's wife has other plans. I've seen it all.

Look, you inconsiderate a-holes! We promoters are sick of your bullchit. Either you play these shows you book, and keep your friggin' commitment, or I will let everyone and their mother know what a unreliable piece of crap your band is. Enough is enough. I can understand a death in the family or serious injury to a band member, or a valide excuse of that nature - God knows it happens - BUT ... the fact is bands today have gotten complacent about canceling shows. To you, it apparently means absolutely nothing to inconvenience and totally stress out the very people who have tried to help you and get your music heard by more people. This has got to stop. I'm not the only one who has had problems with this stuff. I'm sure Mudd at 93.1 the Fox doesn't like announcing shows and using valuable air time talking about a band's upcoming show, having them cancel that gig. James "Fender" Vize of Fenders Den, another guy in the scene who has gone quite far out of his way to help you regional musicians, has a popular internet radio show that features regional talent, has had many problems lately as well. Let's hear what Fender has to say regarding this.

EDDY: Fender, how's it going bro? I know you are super PO'ed about some stuff that happened recently. Tell us about it.

FENDER: "Well, hell's bells, Eddy, I normally keep to myself about things like this and not let it get to me. A wise man "Dr. John Anderson" from Boozer my band once said "If no loss of limb or life, it can be fixed" How true that is. But the fact is, guys like you and I Eddy can fix this by calling the slackers out.

"This past Sunday I had a band scheduled and how did the band know they were scheduled. you ask ? They were here for a show watching another band and asked me if they can play. I said sure, opened my book, here's your date. Write down your band name and contact info. Day of their show I gave them a call and asked you still coming ? The reply was 'Oh, we are scheduled for today ?'

"Now you can only imagine how red I turned after hearing that two hours before the show! I'm not going to drop a name, Just not going to book them or recommend them for a show. I called my Executive Producer Dusty June and filled her in on the problem. She was on a movie set and about blew her top. And just to show you how much my show reaches people. Everyone on that movie set stopped filming and started calling acoustic artists to fill in for the show.

"It was nice to see what loyal friends/supporters I have! Special thanks to everyone that tried for me that day, but this time it took a toll on me and I canceled the entire show for that day due to that very inconsiderate band. With smoke rolling out of my ears, I decided to spend that time with my wife Cindy Vize "God bless her" for putting up with all this stress/anger of mine.

"From promoters to the DJ's all the way into the bars, this affects us all. Now, to all you bands. I want you to sit down for a second, and think about how many people are really affected by you canceling just because you forgot, are tired, or you are cleaning out your closet! Stop being divas and grow up! We nice guys will only take only so many BS excuses. And this has certainly gotten out of hand."

"Next time this happens without a damn good notice or reason why, I'm right there with you. Eddy. on dropping names! From here on out I will keep a naughty list for those types of bands."

"If you folks out there want to check out all the great bands please visit my website www.fendersden.com Special thanks to Brian Cunningham for the website!

"And a big thank you to the folks helping me every Sunday! Eddy, I mean EVERY Sunday! Executive Producer/Pitbull: Dusty June; Video Director: Herschel H. Zahnd III; Mike Nusser: Cougar Mikes Acoustic Corner and the JCTC Interns These are damn good folks!

"Next time Eddy I will have my Tater sack loaded! You ain't Never Been Whooped, Till You've Been Tater Whooped!

"Peace out or get your Piece in!"

Shatterstone CD Review:

This is a band that I have been raving about for a few years now. Shatterstone is the Payne brothers (Ricky and Rob) project. It's a rock 'n' roll ballad-y, metal-ish progressive entity that is in a category by itself here in Louevil. At first, when they appeared on the scene they got no love and were fighting to get shows/respect. Now I can gladly say that that has all changed.These days these Southern Indiana rockers are most likely the best band in town, in my opinion.

These guys mix hooks, melody, killer musical chops and humor into one great rock show for the casual fan. I'm checking out their eponymous CD. The first tune, "All That's Left Unsaid," kicks off with some didgeridoo, then some cool picking until the vocals come in. The vocals reminds me of Tool a little bit too much on this. Even my guitar tech who was working on my axes walked in the room and said "Is that new Tool?" Man, nowadays a lot of bands sound like Tool. It's not so much the music, but the vocals during the verse are definitely Maynard-ish. As far as musicianship goes, it doesn't get much better than Shatterstone. "Bottom Of The World" starts off with a way cool guitar riff. Great beat. I especially like how the second verse comes in. The vocals of homosexual vocalist Ricky Payne are awesome, and have always been good, at every show. I don't think I've ever seen dude's voice crack live. He has a very powerful vocal range. Ever seen the movie Kung Fu Hustle? Ricky has the mythical Lion's Roar kung fu technique. Where does dawg get such a piercing and forceful larynx? It must be the jizz! Just kidding folks, Ricky isn't gay!!!

I could not resist, Ihad to get him back for the ridiculous Eddy replica wig wearing (told ya I would!), and the making a South Park video of me looking like Cartman, with a big head, and super-long hair, that was hilarious. The farger played it in front of a packed house, too!

Back to the song. It's good stuff even if a bit on the ballady side. "Looking For Me?" is a song I like best so far. I love the orchestra sound in the beginning, I think it's a violin or cello, not sure. It's a good thing bassist Rob Payne is a genius at keyboards and stuff. Ricky really sounds good on this song vocally. BTW, Ricky plays guitar and sings at the same time, and does lead guitar work. Dude shreds. Okay, I like "Laid You Down" even better. Such a hypnotizing rhythm andvocals really come across as powerful. Then a ripping solo. Hell, yeah. It's a short tune, but it kind of drills a hole in your head that plants a seed and that won't go away. Very catchy. "Wicked Game" is a song I love. Yes, it is the Chris Isaak song that features the hot brunette on the beach with the clouds.

This cover song is quite popular these days. My band Year Of The Gun does it, too. I do have to admit that Shatterstone kills our version, and I thought our version sounded good! They slowed it down a bit, especially during the verses. This song sounds great live, as does their "Zombie" cover.

Wow. The opening for "The Emptiness That's Left" (the band's favorite song) sounds killer. I've never heard tuning in a recorded song before! How creative. Sounds cool! I'm digging the mean solo at the beginning, the pull-off slides, volume swells, and how the feedback leads into the chillaxin' vocals. Ricky has way too much soul for a white guy. The song has a lovely breakdown in it that features some beautiful sounding bass riffage that is badass. You can tell he has expensive - and fresh - strings on that mofo, too. Rob Payne is absolutely sick on bass guitar and plays it like a guitar. I think Rob has sex with his guitar every night and wipes it off every morning, because there is a love going on there that you don't see very often in the music business. Then Ricky plays the best guitar solo of the CD so far, one right up my alley. This song is amazing. "Enemy" features sometimes guest vocalist Scott Schamel, and some serious volume swells or a long tremelo effect on the guitars. This one also reminds me of Tool. The chorus is pretty catchy, though. The two vocalists do mix well live, I've noticed. They should have Scott sing a little more. It adds a depth to already good music. The drums on this CD are awesome, but everybody knows that drummer Mitch Kirkpatrick wails. He is in the top five drummers in town, I would say. The sound quality at Krackerjack Studios sounds great, much better than when Year Of The Gun recorded there. That was almost two years ago, though. This is a great effort by a very talented Louisville band that stands out amongst its peers. My only complaint is that the vocals seem to fall in a Tool-like pattern occasionally, yet at other times you don't hear the similarities at all. As good as this CD is, their live performance is where Shatterstone really comes to life. You've heard about the CD, but to experience Shatterstone, you gotta be there in front of the stage. Pro musicians, good reliable people to work with , and a breath of fresh air in this cities dark musical hour. Shatterstone rocks!

Heaven Hill CD Review:

Wow. I can tell immediately that this is going to be pretty good. The sound quality is off the hook. I bet this CD cost a pretty penny to make! I already reviewed the song "State Of The Union" a month or so ago and gave it two thumbs up, so I'll skip that part and see what the rest of the CD is about.

"Tuesday Night" is an energetic rock 'n' roll rumble. Bluesy, rockin', Southern, and has a good groove as well as good guitars. Things are moving around pretty fast on this one. Chuck Willis vocals are busy as heck. You'd have to be in good shape to sing like this throughout a set. Chuck sounds as good as ever, I must say, as he growls, croons, bellows and sings his way throughout this entertaining CD. He has come a long way in terms of talent/improvement. "Speak" starts out with a classic guitar riff that I like. The Nirvana Syndrome, simple but very effective! Nice vocals and lyrics, too. It's good to see a longtime Louisville band come into their own this way. I've known these guys quite a while now, and while we have had our differences in the past, there is no denying the talent here. This song is cool. There are some nice hooks in this tune. The chorus is especially catchy. I'm enjoying this listen. Usually I get bored pretty fast, but the professionalism is keeping me here and interested. I like the acoustic tone and effects-driven swell opening in "Wait For Me." Then it really hits home when Ivan Arnold's drums kick in. Such a good sound quality. If only all Louisville bands could acquire such a sweet recording. This song does come across as a bit long, though. This song would make you want to jump off a bridge after a fight with your woman. It's kinda sad!

I love emotion conveyed in music. Shut up! I know what you are thinking! Yes. A metalhead who likes emotion in music! Heaven hill has achieved this. So far this CD better than I expected.

"Got To Drinking" features more bluesy, folksy-sounding guitar and has a sweet, layered background vocal thing going on. This almost sounds like country music, complete with keyboards/organ sounds.

I think a lot of Southern folk would dig this song if exposed to it. The piano/keyboards mix perfectly with this music. I don't know about the part three-quarters of the way through the song, though. The part itself is fine, but the way it came in wasn't quite right it seemed. It killed the groove a little until it picked up.

But once going again, it rocked. The background vocals sound really good on this one. Who is that? Chuck or Teague? Both? Wrong! It's bassist Chris Evans, the lucky mofo that owns a super-sweet Corvette! The band added a live tune to their CD "Going Down", a song that received much radio play in Louisville at one time when the radio station here had balls.

It's a good rockin' song and comes across well live, but knowing these guys, I bet there was some doctoring up done. They are perfectionists. Sounds fantastic, though. Smokin' lead at the end! Guitarist Kris Kerr is a beast on some good, old-fashioned, Kentucky redneck, down-homey old-timey rock n' roll, whether it be all-out hard rockin', acoustic folly, or Stevie Ray Vaughn-sounding blues riffage. He has the tone and skills required for such a pro act as HH and is pretty much irreplaceable. From the wise words of Everett Ulysses Mcgill"Hot damn, I think you did sell your soul to the devil."What can you say about Ivan Arnold on drums? He rocks, but he left the band to move out of state. Ricky Muzik (former drummer for Year Of The Gun and Mungus) is now the drummer for HH.

"Easy Rider" is ok, but not as good as the rest of the songs I reviewed. It does have an anthemic beat going on with the guitar pull-offs going crazy like that. The slide guitar throughout the tune is interesting, and the breakdown halfway through is nice. Whoa, Chuck sounds kind of like Hugo Ferreira on this one with the low vocals on the breakdown. I like the song much better after the opening. It seems to kick in much better, somehow.

Back in the day, Chuck Willis used to go somewhat overboard with his vocals, but now he is much more reserved/professional in his approach, and knows exactly what he wants to do. This album represents the best o' the Chuckster. Very good job to whoever wrote the lyrics of this fine CD.

I bet the sound engineer/producer was ready to choke Chuck a few times during this recording! Ha.

It's all good, because the result is what matters, and there are some real good songs here!

It's obvious the feel of the classics is here in Heaven Hill, and you can tell that is what they love. They have truly found their niche in this Southern rock endeavor. They have been doing some stuff in Nashville recently, so they are trying to expand the horizons a bit. It does get old playing the same gigs in the same town time after time (Eddy: that's why I'm so excited to be playing Indy next week!). I think maybe HH just got bored with the scene here.

They certainly have the capability and talent to do stuff on a much wider scale. Now, if the guys would quit being so darn snooty and play some shows with us lowly regular bands, I think a buzz would come back about Heaven Hill ten-fold, and restore their momentum/reputation! Their inactivity in this region and some bad decisions the last year or so, has put a damper on things and surely lost some steam for them, from my point of view. Hopefully we'll see these guys participating in the Louevil music scene a tad more in the upcoming months, plus helping other bands along the way. That's what the top bands are supposed to do! Heaven Hill is a darn good band and should do well given the right opportunities. If this CD doesn't help, then nothing will.

Be sure to check out their big Louisville Music Showcase on Friday April 29 at Headliners. They are bringing in a band from Nashville called NovelAmerican, that features former members of Paramore.

It starts at 7p.m. Heaven Hill is itching to tear some sh*t up, so I bet it will be a good performance.

Black Stone Cherry to Release New Album Soon:

The Southern Kentucky rockers who made it out of the Bluegrass state, Black Stone Cherry, will be releasing their third album on May 31 on Roadrunner Records. The album,Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea," was recorded in L.A with famed producer Howard Benson (Theory of a Deadman, Daughtry, Three Days Grace). The band's first single"White Trash Millionaire," is set to be released in April. The band is super-excited about the new music and stated "Sonically, you'll hear some of the meanest sounding guitar riffs we've ever laid down, and at the same time, you'll find ballads that will tug on your heartstrings. We wanted the album's intensity to match that of our live show. We're very proud of this album and excited for our fans to hear it!"

To celebrate the release of Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Black Stone Cherry is participating in an ongoing partnership with Evan Williams Kentucky Bourbon. The promotion brings 450,000 Black Stone Cherry-branded bottles to shelves nationwide through June, including special MP3 offers and a chance to win a trip to meet the band at one of their shows. Kentucky Bourbon and BSC sounds like a good combo to me as well. This band is really amazing in every aspect, and they deserve the success they have had over these last several years. Hopefully they will add a Louisville date on their already busy schedule, because it's been too long.

RUSH!!!! April 5 at Yum Center:

The time is upon us. The waiting is over. If you don't have tickets, then do what you can to get them. I'd like to thank LiveNation for doing the ticket Giveaways for this show. Hopefully I will get to go see this show and review it. I don't have my tickets yet though, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

New Venue, The Vernon Club:

There is a new rock/metal venue, so let's try to keep this mofo going for a while, okay? That means you have to actually get out and go see a show there every now and then. It's underneath The Vernon Lanes Bowling Alley, with an entrance at the rear. It's a club room with an excellent PA System and a well-stocked bar. Its address is 1575 Story Ave.

Louisville Music Showcase at Headliners:

On Friday, April 29 at Headliners, Heaven Hill will be having another Louisville Music Showcase, andthey will be releasing their second album at the same time! The previous shows were held at Phoenix Hill Tavern, but this year it's at Headliners. Bands featured are Heaven Hill, Novel American from Nashville, featuring former members of Paramore, A Lion Named Roar, The Instruction and Dave Moisan. It seems the show was downsized an awful lot compared to what it once was. This should have been a two-day event. I would have loved to have seen more well-known Louisville bands on this popular annual gig, but it wasn't my Showcase, so I reckon I'll just shut the farg up. Support Louisville music!

Motley Crue and Poison at Riverbend:

Spandex, Aqua Net and black eyeliner will be required on Sunday June 26 at Riverbend in Cincinatti. Two Eighties rock titans will be letting loose with some good old fashioned Eighties' fun. A time when life was much easier and carefree. Ah, the Eighties were a fun time for me. The New York Dolls will be opening the shows, so that should be interesting to say the least. Wanna hear something funny? As many concerts as I have seen, I have never seen Poison in concert! I have never been that much of a Poison fan, although I do like a few songs by them. I saw the Brett Michaels solo gig a few years ago and he was surprisingly entertaining and sounded great. I was kind of shocked. And what can you say about sleaze metal merchants Motley Crue?

I have seen them several times and it's always a good time. The earlier shows were the sickest though, by far! The Shout At The Devil with Ozzy's Bark At The Moon tour outdoors at Cardinal Stadium was the best one by far. You always see some really hot, easy females at their shows, that's for sure! Hopefully they won't be all old and crusty, like me!

I'll see about getting you freaks some tickets to win. The peeps at Riverbend kick butt, so they will probably hook you up. Stay tuned.

2011 Rockstar Mayhem Festival:

Featuring Megadeth, Disturbed, Godsmack, Trivium, Machinehead, In Flames, Suicide Silence, Kingdom Of Sorrow, Red Fang, All Shall Perish, Straight Line Stitch and Unearth. You got two chances to see this wicked show people, so listen up. Wednesday, July 20 at Riverbend in Cincy, or Sunday, August 7 in Indy. I'll see about getting you some tickets to win. It's road-trip time, so make plans now! Last year was frikkin awesome even though my guitarist almost died of heatstroke. I was there, and trust me, you don't want to miss it! The sound system at Riverbend destroys! They don't farg around.

Sepultura and Nevermore Coming:

Fargin A! Now this is a beast of a show not to miss. It's on Monday, May 23 at Expo 5. God bless Terry Harper for making this show happen in our town!

Two bands that I absolutely love! I saw Brazilian monsters Sepultura open for Ozzy 900 years ago and was totally blown away by a band I had never seen before. I've been a fan ever since. Jungle warfare metal rules. My old band Inhuman used to play "Territory" quite a bit, and it always got the crowd going! Then you got Nevermore, a band of ridiculously talented individuals of the likes you rarely see. Actual guitar heroes are in this band! Whatever you do, if you love metal, come see these two bands, and be early, because there are a few other decent bands on the bill too!

Project Sovereign Done, Now It's Breaking The Cycle:

The band Project Sovereign has changed their name to Breaking The Cycle. Featuring drummer Dave Wathen, vocalist Josh Holcomb , guitarist Rich Brown, bassist Tom Durham, and another guitarist T.B.A. These guys are talented musicians with a good amount of experience, so it should be an upcoming rock/metal band to look out for! It will be a minute before they are ready to unleash the new stuff, as they are getting ready to record some music, but I will keep you informed of their first show and their upcoming CD. So stay tuned.

Reign Of Revelation's New Concept CD:

Young talented rockers Reign Of Revelation are recording a concept CD titledThe Affinity Complex that will be available on iTunes on April 30. This concept is explaining a flaw in humanity, concerning the interaction and relation between the world and the individual. The complex is characterized by the vacillation between two paradigms: introversion and extroversion. Make no mistakes, this band rocks! I need to book them again soon! I'd like to see them play out more in Louevil. I'll review the CD next month!

New Band Alert, Momma Thai:

I'm sitting here checking out a newer alternative/punk band called Momma Thai. The tune is called "Tread On Me." Not bad at all. The recording could be better but I hear some good stuff going on. There some cool alternate picking/riffing going on, and then it gets kinda bluesy/ballsy. "Blacklight" starts out a bit slower, but turns into an all out rock 'n' roll song with attitude. "Gravel Pit" is a bit deeper in its approach, with piano/keyboards getting things started nicely. However, the guitars are so low during this part, that they come across as weak. Matt Bryan vocals aren't horrible -he has some skills- but they really aren't doing it for me and seem a bit monotone, but then again his vocals are very low in the mix and hard to hear too.

Also, I've never been into the punk thing before. I do respect it, though.

This band is much better live, I bet. I wouldn't mind seeing them. This is a classic case of a decent band doing a bad recording. The musicians are talented and write decent ideas, but they need to regroup and put something out with better quality. This is killing them.

Give Michael Sanders a call, guys, he could help.

Eddy's Plea to God:

Oh Lord, Thou who are so wise in thine all knowing ways, please transform thine hamlet's rock station to it's former divine glory, so's that thou doth not have to endure 30 Seconds To Mars and The Queens Of Leon and other non-ball-bearing musical entourages anymore. This music thou has bestowed upon us makes your lowly servants want to make a Spinach Quiche with Cheese dip. Please restore the faith in us goodly rockers by destroying such limp-wristed abominations against all mankind. We love you, so please bless us once again, with real rock n roll with the all mighty blessed testicles. For this we shall rejoice and praise thy name! With love, Eddy Metal.

Upcoming Shows


Saturday, April 16 The Thunder Bash feat: Snotozzy and The Crazy Babies w/ Rockaway Drive and Others. 9 P.M

Derby City Expresso

Sunday, April 27 – Shatterstone unplugged.

Expo 5

Sunday, April 10 –Asking Alexandria w/ Emmure, Chiodos, Miss May I, Evergreen Terrace, Winds Of Plague, Lower Than Atlantis, Stick To Your Guns and Close Your Eyes. 5 p.m. $20

Thursday, April 28 –Black Veil Brides w/ Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, I See Stars, Versa Emerge and Conditions. 5 p.m. $15

Friday, April 29 –The Crimson Armada w/ No Sign Of Murder, From Her Last Breath, Screams Of The Sirens, Hope Lies Here, Blackbelt and Swift Turtle. 6:30 p.m. $10

Sunday, May 1 –Carnifex w/ Oceano, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, At Lights End and For All You Know. 7 p.m. $15

Saturday, May 14 –Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster w/ Reign Of Revelation, All's Quite, The American Dream, Trails, Think harder and Slakker. 7 p.m. $12

Monday, May 23 – Sepultura w/ Nevermore, Hate, Keep Of Kalessin, Neuraxis, Bonded by Blood. 6:30 p.m. $16.50 - $50.00


Friday, April 29 –Louisville Music Showcase w/ Heaven Hill , Novel Amerocan, A Lion Named Roar, Dave Moisan and The Instruction. 7 p.m.

Lisa's Oak Street Lounge

Wednesday, April 20 – Old Vikings, Beast In The Fields, ZCFOS and Antique Scream. 8 p.m.

Phoenix Hill Tavern

Friday, April 1 –The Future of Louevil Metal: featuring the awesome Ozzy Tribute, SnotOzzy and the Crazy Babies. With special guests Slakker, Fear Only Us, Blessed By Death and Overload.

Saturday, April 2 –Shatterstone.

Sunday, April 3 –Cold w/ Kopek, Oceans Divide, 7DaySun and Mind Petrol. 7 p.m. $15

Saturday, April 23 – Year Of The Gun, BoneJinn and Krosjoint. 7:30 p.m. $10

Friday, May 6 –Derby Eve Bash w/ Seven Mary Three and Signal The Revolution. 8 p.m.

Friday, May 13 –The Original Rock Showcase Series After Derby Drunken Binge w/ Shatterstone, Shyaway, Year Of The Gun, and others TBA.

Uncle Pleasants

Saturday, April 30 –Uh Huh Baby Yeah w/ The Nova Echo, For The Record, They Came Bearing Arms and Seasons At Sea. 7 p.m. $10

The Vernon Club

Saturday, April 30 –Trust Divided, Shyaway, Diverbird, Heatherfield and Livid. 7:30 p.m. $10 vocals