Back in Sight

Just Out of Sight (Departure Records)
Edgehill Avenue

By Kevin Gibson

Edgehill Avenue sank a year into its forthcoming EP, Just Out of Sight, which is due out June 14. Accordingly, it’s a sonically beautiful listen, a great disc to blast while driving around with the windows down on a warm summer day.

This Louisville mainstay seems to work hard to sound like it isn’t working hard, in a sense; these tracks are all straight-forward, painstakingly crafted slices of highly accessible pop-rock with subtle hints of Americana, alt-country and blues.

The effect is that these songs should appeal to a large variety of people simply by not being too specific – sticking to a mid-tempo format with a focus on big choruses, varied instrumentation and a focus on keeping things tight, Edgehill Avenue’s efforts have resulted in an effort that seems bent on hitting the airwaves and expanding its following.

“Blood & Fire” leads off the set with a very simple pop-rock number, and “After All,” with its gentle hook and carefully restrained backing vocal hook, doesn’t rock the boat. Perhaps the disc’s most ambitious effort is “Manifesto,” a slowly building blues-rocker that casts an ominous tone with some fuzz bass and a first-person account of a man who sounds like he’s reached the end of his rope.

“Reckoning Day” has a similarly fatalistic vibe, but is more restrained, with some nice piano fills that counter the dark lyric.

Radio edits have been done for “Manifesto” and “Reckoning,” so clearly these are the two songs Edgehill Avenue will use to attack the radio waves – these are indeed good choices. The other songs seem to want to stay out of the way, giving the aforementioned two as much breathing room as necessary to stand front and center.

It isn’t a bold prediction to say that Edgehill Avenue’s new tunes will be coming soon to a WFPK near you. This kind of effort seems primed to find its way to a lot more ears.

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