Farewell to Minnow

Hello Hubris (Noise Pollution)

Kevin Gibson

Thumbs up to Noise Pollution for finding all the punk energy around this Louisville town and turning on the tape machine at just the right time. Minnow has since closed up shop, but left us with Hello Hubris, which could be counted as a parting gift or a parting shot.

Minnow is a quartet featuring Rob Pennington on vocals, Doug Maxson on guitar, Becca Lindsay on drums and Carrie Neumayer, veterans of Louisville’s highly regarded punk scene, and this quartet fires up eight no-frills rockers without studio trickery or apology.

The title track apparently draws from last year’s Gulf oil spill: “We’ll ride a cloud of crude oil/Rising from the sea/Rorschach in black on shorelines/Tell us what you see.” Clearly, Minnow holds man accountable or, rather, feels man should hold itself accountable for the horror we unleash upon the world.

Meanwhile, “One Jump” alludes to drug addiction or perhaps depression (or both?): “One jump is all she had to take/One step is all she had to take/One taste is all she had to taste/One life is all she had to waste.” Neumayer’s lead vocal sells this song’s mood quite effectively.

Even “Hands of Hospice,” which tries its best to inject some positive vibes – “What if our hands were hospice/Open doors instead of weapons” – the aggressive delivery of the song keeps it in the spirit of this set.

This is music that will have you not only bouncing around your bedroom but also straining to collect the pointed messages within. Sadly, Minnow won’t be playing any wedding receptions this summer – of course, that was never what they were shooting for anyway.

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