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Revenge of the Squirrels!!!

Oh no, the squirrels are back! Remember how I told you a few months ago that squirrels were in my attic, partying and having orgies? How I had seen disco lights up there, and heard their sexual exploits all night long? Sheesh. I evicted the bastrids, so now they are POed! They march in front of the house in circles, holding picket signs saying "Let us in!," "Down with Eddy!" and "Squirrels need their nuts too!" These are some pimpin' South End gangster squirrels. Help! These little fargers are ruthless!

Man, it feels great to be playing music once again after such a long time not playing. Music truly is the healing factor in a lot of people's lives. I've been going through some serious BS with an evil person who is trying to destroy my family for personal profit, and music is the only thing that calms me down and soothes the soul. Music is also a perfect way to release anger, frustration and stress. So if you've got problems or BS going on that you are dealing with, grab a guitar or drum set and wail away!

I guarantee you will feel a lot better when you are done!

The Louevil music scene is pretty much wide open these days because a lot of the bands that were doing good are no longer active or even together. Life has a way of annihilating bands' chances at surviving and staying together: kids, marriage, drug problems, disapproving GFs/wives, money problems, car trouble, etc. There are a hundred things that cause a band to break up and I've heard them all.

Nova Red broke up; Some Kind Of Saint doesn't play out near as much anymore, if at all; Heaven Hill fired their guitarist and I hear they are fixing to make some more member changes; The Villebillies are too good to mingle with the scene anymore; Burning Babylon broke up; 16 Bones doesn't do much anymore; Shyaway broke up (without even telling me they were canceling a show we had booked, thanks for the notice, A-holes!), and of course there are the bands who think they are far too good/cool to participate in a lowly showcase that has been going on for eleven years, that started 90% of the region's original bands. But whatever. I reckon you can lead a jackass to water but you can't make it drink!

The last thing we need in this town is a bunch of bands who are in the business solely for how much money they will make performing. It saddens me to see the lack of of teamwork and friendship, and the amount of competition and bad mouthing in our beloved scene there is. Many other people are sick of the unwarranted attitudes as well. There's a well-known music business saying: be kind to the people you meet on your way up because you'll meet them on your way down. These arrogant jerks that make up many of this scene's more popular bands will someday need the people who have helped them when they started, and we will not be forgiving. I say this stuff not to be a d**k, but because I love this town and its music scene, and have dedicated my life to helping it be a better place. Everything I say on here is 100% true! I haven never been known to be a liar, and I'm not starting now. Changes must be made, and Louevil rockers must come off their high horses and realize that they are not rock stars, but merely one of many in a small city music scene. When you are famous across the nation, then you can be a douche! Ha! Until then, shut the farg up and try to remain somewhat humble.

I have been discussing these topics with Frank Karaglanis, one of Louisville's more professional promoters (he is way more legit/professional than me and many others I know) and he fully agrees to what I've said here. Frank is almost to the point to where he is going to stop working with bands that have such crappy attitudes when they have done nothing out of Louisville. Way to go, Frank! Let these dillholes know that they are risking everything by being the way they are. You might be the only one who can put them on the good path. The path of a decent human being! I have seen too many good bands in town destroy their reps by being highly conceited - it's not a pretty sight.

Frank and I would like to see our music scene transformed one day from these topics we've discussed, to a place where people/bands are friends who help and support each other once again, without all the negative aspects. So wish us luck, we will need it...

Time to concentrate on the positive new bands that will hopefully bring this scene back to its heyday.

Fortunately, there are quite a few new bands that I have working with, and a few new ones I've been hearing about that I will have to look in on to see whats up with - A Lion Named Roar; Elephant Room; Cameron Sharp (of Ashes Eve); Diver Bird; Signal The Revolution (I saw these guys at the Phoenix Hill's Derby Eve Bash opening up for SevenMaryThree; not bad at all!); Breaking The Cycle; Blessed By Death; Tragic Refuge; Reign Of Revelation; Stone Line Blue, and many more. Hopefully these bands will not follow the path of arrogance, selfishness and greed that their semi-successful predecessors did.

Let's keep it real, Louevil Peace!

The Metal Grapevine

Win Tix to Motley Crue/Poison: (LMN FREERIDE)

On June 26 at Riverbed in Cincinnati, the titans of terror - and official party band of the Eighties - Motley Crue will be headlining a show featuring Poison and The New York Dolls. For a chance to win free tickets, courtesy of Li Venation and Louisville Music News, email me atEDDYMETAL1@aol.com at exactly 9 p.m. on Sunday June 19. In subject line put "Motley Fin Crue!" This should be a very fun show with lots of hot little wenches in attendance who would like to take you out to your car and do things with you. Last time I was at Riverbed, a cute little chick came up and obviously wanted some frosted ding dong. But I was goodly and wholesome and refrained from the obvious offer of sexual gratification. Wahhabi, I love Cincinnati. I might have to get the fellas together for this show though! Sounds like a fun time! I have never seen Poison in concert!

I've seen Motley Crue probably six or seven times, the first when I was 14, when they opened for Ozzy on theBark at the Moon tour at Cardinal Stadium. What a show! Of course they are olderand Vince Neil will probably need an oxygen tank to finish the show. But hey, we all get old someday!

Win Tix to Megadeth, Godsmack and Disturbed: (LMN FREERIDE)

Wow. This year's Rockstar Mayhem Festival sounds like one cool show, especially the Megadeth part! There's nothing like the double-guitar duo of Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick. Pure shredding at it's best. And I told you last year how awesome Godsmack was in concert. You don't want to miss the flying amps and double drum solo! It's badass! And that's coming from someone who doesn't really care for Godsmack all that much! Such an under-appreciated band. They are so much better live than on their recorded efforts.They just come alive when they play. It's way different that what you hear on the radio.

Disturbed? I like them okay, even though the singer is an arrogant pud. (I met them backstage in Indy a few years ago. The guitarist Dan Donegan was cool, though.) Plus, there are a bunch of other great bands playing on the second stage that you may even like more than the headliners: Machinehead, In Flames, Trivium, Suicide Silence, Kingdom Of Sorrow and a whole lot more! So tell ALL your friends and make plans to make this road trip up to Cinci for some cool shows we never get here in ole Louisville.

For a chance to win tickets to this monumental day of rock, email me at exactly 9 p.m. on Sunday, July 10, and put "I wuv the ROCKSTAR MAYHEM FESTIVAL" in the subject line!

Good luck peeps!!! Special thanks to LiveNation and Riverbend for being cool as phuck.

Otep Coming To PHT June 2:

I don't know too much about this female-fronted metal band at all, but people sure love this band. I heard they are heavy as phuck, though. Also playing are Blackguard, Destrophy, Sister Sin, One Eyed Doll, Revocation, Last Chance To Reason and Littledidweknow. 7:30 p.m. $15. So come and show some support for Otep's louevil visit, and the Phoenix Hill for letting us have some killer metal shows in their cool venue! I might have to cruise up there after band practice to see if they are as good live as I have heard. Get your tickets! This might sell out.

Sepultura and Black Metal Night:

Montreal's Neuraxis started the night with some decent death metal. The guitarist and bassist were pretty darn good; the drummer was sick as well. But the vocals of the musclebound Alex Leblanc were a bit too much, as he huffed and puffed and blew the house down.

Everything was Raaaarrrrrr, raaahhhhhh, grrrrrooowwwwllllll. So much testosterone was being leaked I found myself thinking "this Pierre needs to get laid, bad!,"then maybe he won't be so angry!

The crappy, much-too-growly vocals kind of ruined it for me, but the guitar solos played on the ancient BC Rich Eagle guitar was badass.

Next up was a band who was supposed to be awesome.

But we never found out how good Keep Of Kalessin was, because they were a bunch of Norwegianprima donnas who only played half a song before they walked offstage saying "We can't play in these conditions."The PA was fine, no water from the storm was leaking on the stage, and we had two of the best soundmen in town working at Expo 5. It really angered me and made me feel bad for promoter Terry Harper, who already was going to lose money on this show, but then had to deal with these whiney bastards. If I was Terry, it would have gotten ugly. I would have probably cracked a Norwegian in the piehole. I learned that they wanted umbrellas to get from their bus to the back door of the venue. A distance of about 75 feet at the most! Unreal. Keep Of Kalessin can suck a dead man's scrotum. People were annoyed. I also learned that they did kind of stuff all the time. So when I got home, I got online and let some people know how the band acted in our city. I wasn't nice either.

Next up was Hate, from Poland. They were a good death metal band, and weren't douches like KOK. Ha. I found myself rocking to this band. I don't know anything of them, so sorry about the lack of info.

All I know is that they looked like your typical European black metal band complete with makeup and evil garments. Not a bad band at all. If you love death metal/church burning black metal, then you should check them out.

Then it was time for some classic Brazilian metal, Sepultura! I haven't seen them since they opened for Ozzy back in '92. Once upon a time these guys were one of the biggest metal bands of the early Nineties!

A true powerhouse that set itself aside from the others. Never before had I heard music so powerful and raw as when I saw them open for Ozzy. I was hooked instantly. And I wasn't even a fan of the super heavy music, either! Of course, there is only one original member left, Andreas Kisser. The former singer Max Cavelera went on to form Soulfly. Newcomer vocalist from Cleveland, Derrick Green, took over vocal duties many years ago. Derrick is okay, but he is no Max. I lost interest in the band after that, even though they still had a few cool tunes of the new stuff. So how did they sound?

They sounded fine. Derrick Green was a bit rough, but not bad at all. He didn't seem like he put a lot into his performance at all. Like maybe he was lazy? The dude is a big mofo, though. Probably 280 pounds and six-foot, six inches of him! I didn't care for the way he sang "Territory." The timing/syllables seemed off. I found myself thinking"Damn, I could have sung it better than him! And have the video to prove it!"The drummer and bassist were rocking just fine, and Andreas was as wicked as always. Matt Roeder, the other guitarist in my bands, and I always loved Andreas' crazy soloing and the weirdness of his playing style as showcased in songs like "Territory."

Sepultura played a nice long set to the few hundred in attendance. They played a bunch of the newer stuff which threw me off, but they also played some older stuff as well. They played "Arise," "Refuse /Resist," "Choke," "Troops of doom," "Biotech," "Kiowas," and my personal favorite, and a song my oldband Inhuman used to do all the time "Territory" and they ended the show with "Roots." While not a big fan of the new stuff, the old Sepultura was groundbreaking, especially for South American metal bands. After Sepultura, a perpetual tidal wave of metal from South America exploded upon our shores. Alas, this isn't the Sepultura of old. But there are hints of the old Sepultura still there for those willing to forage through the new stuff.

On a local note; I got to see Louisville metalheads Chaordica and Old Vikings on the second stage, and it was good. I finally got to see Chaordica with a full lineup. Those guys rock, but have had issues in the past getting everyone in their band together for gigs. They almost acted like it was okay for people to be missing from their lineup. That would have farged me up mentally, and I most likely would have canceled had one of my members not been able to make it out to a scheduled gig. But I guess that is what you call dedication. The show must go on! Chaordica is a louevil death metal band that incorporates a bunch of different sounds into one powerful and emotional barrage. The singer was okay, pretty good for death metal, but not very memorable in my opinion. A person can hear screams only so much before it gets old. I do like the talent that Chaordica has. Mean bassist, guitarist, drummer, they got it going on! Very good band. I liked the part where the singer broke out the bongo drum to one song. That was cool and added an element that strays outside of the death metal confinement.

Old Vikings came up next and kicked some butt. I finally got to see them live and it wasn't near as bad as somebody told me it was. In fact, I thought it was pretty darn tight! The vocals didn't do anything for me at all (typical screaming nonstop), but the music was on it. It was some hardcore, doomy, riffage that was groovin. I was digging the guitarist's tone/use of feedback. The guy is even older than me! Age means nothing though. Heck, look at our old rockin butts! I chatted with the guys a bit, cool guys. I was digging the bass player's energy and preciseness in nailing the songs. He was a juggernaut! Rockin drummer too. I would like to see some actual singing in this music though, at least a little bit. I think it would bring out the groove in Old Vikings much more. I see these guys as having a lot more to offer than hardcore vocals. Imagine a Pantera/Down/C.O.C vocal style over this mean, sludgy, doom, groove? That would be crushing. Maybe I'm being a bit hard on the screamers, but I think this town has had too much nonstop screamers in it's midst. Time to up the ante a bit and go for broke. Throw a lil Kentucky redneck into some of that vocal style. Weare in Kentucky for god's sake! Not Norway.

Props to Terry for this show, and for trying so hard to entertain us Louisville metalheads all the time.

Without Terry, we would be some seriously bored mofo's.

Alice Cooper Brings Horseshoe's Roof Down:

Alice Cooper

Photo By Chuck Skibo

Alice Cooper Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

Photo By Chuck Skibo

Alice Cooper Alice Cooper

I was approved to go see this show for free with photo pass and everything, but I wasn't feeling well the day of show, so I did not attend. However, I have a few friends who did go, and they said it was the cat's pajamas and that Alice Cooper blew the roof off the joint. I always loved going to, and covering events at Horseshoe Casino, and I'm sure I would have loved this one as well. While I admit I'm not a big fan of the king of shock rock, I do admire his legacy and like a few of his songs. The show at Horseshoe Casino was sold out, so apparently Mr Cooper had enough hardcore fans that he didn't need need me! . I got a few tidbits of info from my drummer Chuck Skibo, who works for Horseshoe Casino, and who was photographing the concert. He got some darn good pictures of Alice, too! Chuck says if you like Alice Cooper, then you would have loved this show, because Alice was strong as ever, had tons of energy and unleashed a few tunes that he usually does not play, like "Halo of Flies," "Muscle of Love" and "Clones." As far as Alice's stage antics and theatrical props, he had; the guillotine, impaling a photographer with a mic stand, and the creation of the Frankenalice during "Teenage Frankenstein." Alice is a trip, there is no doubting that.

Alice played a long set with songs such as "18," "No More Mr Nice Guy," a brand new song called "Bite Your Face Off," "Poison" and ended the night with three classics: "School's Out," "Another Brick In The Wall" and "Elected." Thanks to Chuck Skibo for the great pictures and info and thanks to Horseshoe Casino for bringing a legend to our region! It seems Horseshoe Casino hit another home run on this one. Bring back the outdoor rock concerts, please! That was some fun times!

Metalfest Beeyatches! Louevil's Metalfest 3:

Newcomer promoter Allen Ashbaugh (Allen is one of the good guys in the louevil music scene) has done some cool things for our music scene the last few years and this year he is going to take it over the top with Metalfest 3 at The Boondocks in Sheperdsville. It's on July 22 and 23, is all-ages, and will feature a bunch of great bands all trying to combat the terrible affliction known as cancer! My mammaw and pappaw both died from cancer, so cancer can suck a big one! Bands playing are: Thomas Medicine; Ohlm; ZCFOS; Below; Bury The Wicked; Incursion; Surviving Thalia; Old Vikings; Behind The Beheaded; Red Eyed Lies; Chaordica; Fudgknuckle; Sons Of The Bluegrass; E-Flat; Krosjoint; Slakker; Nothing's Wrong; That Dude Alex; Stampede; The Mighty Auroch; Stroker; Downtrend; Granshaw; Blessed By Death; Bush League; 2 Pump Chump; Overload; Thistle; Stem and Geez; Descention; and Broke and Bleeding. More info on this killer show next month. I predict this is "the" outdoor local original show of the year! So all you mofos help out Allen and his great cause by coming out to party with all your fargin friends!

Get ready for Metalfest!

Stoner Groove Show From Hell - Clutch And C.O.C:

On Sunday, July 31 at Expo 5, this show will be rockin' like you would not believe! These legendary stoner bands will probably sell out Expo 5, so you should probably get your tickets if youdo not want to miss this show! I don't think I've ever seen Corrosion Of Conformity live in concert before. Sounds interesting, indeed. A band called Groundscore will be playing also, as well as a few local bands of Terry's choice. Terry will probably hook you peeps up with a few free tickets like he always does, so stay tuned for nextmonth's issue for info. You could attend this wicked show for free!

Def Leppard And Heart On August 19 At Freedom Hall:

I know a few of you will think this is lame, but I'm telling you, I've seen a lot of bands in my day and when I saw Def Leppard about five years ago for the first time I was shocked at how great they sounded. It was awesome. Vocalist Joe Elliot was in fine vocal form as he ripped through all of their classics. I'm actually looking forward to seeing this wicked show again. I have never seen Heart in concert before, so I am kind of looking forward to seeing how they do live as well. I always did enjoy Ann Wilson's voice. I wonder if she is still huge?

I guess that doesn't make a difference in performance. Look at Aretha Franklin and the late opera legend Pavarotti, both of them were large mammals and yet they wailed with the best of them! Hopefully, I can get you some Free tickets, but we will have to see. In the meantime, take my advice, see Def Leppard if you have the means. They kick some butt live in concert. It's something you should not want to miss. I bet there will be lots of cute honeys there in attendance, too!

Introducing Diver Bird:

In a very short time I've heard a few good things about this new three-piece band in our city, so I'm sitting here checking out the goods, a song called "Taste" and yes, it is tastefully charming! It's alternative rock with an upbeat swing to it. The choruses are groovin and the vocals work well with the music. The quality of the recording is very good, too. Finally, a good quality recording! The vocals remind me of Rahul Borkar, formerly of Nova Red, but better. Rahul had trouble re-creating his vocals live. I am digging the guitar sounds/tones of diver Bird. Not super heavy sounding but there is a classic sound issuing forth from this guitar rig. I'd like to know what kind of amp this is! I'm a guitar/amp nerd to the core, and a bit obsessed with guitar tone and the achieving of the perfect tone. "Part Of The Plan" starts out a bit punk rocky, and then turns into a funky thing with coolness and vibe. Energetic and rockin' is what it is

I like Jon Harrod's vocals, very cool. The guy can actually sing quite well. (I get so many CDs that have some poor schlep who couldn't sing his way out of a wet paper sack.) I bet Jon could sing some Zeppelin pretty darn well if he chose to! He has that high-pitched Robert Plant type sound on this song! This band is talented all around, and I'm grateful to be able to write about some awesome new bands that haven't joined the arrogant stampede as so many louevil bands have done. Frank Karaglanis manages Diver Bird. He always seems to find some darn good bands and bands that do appreciate exposure and a helping hand.

They wrote a song about me: "Old And Angry" is a slower lighter tune that turns energetic. This music is odd, but alluring. This not my personal style of music, but these guys definitely have their own sound going on, like nothing going on in town. Great songwriting and vocals. If they can get out of this small town and get this heard, something good should happen for them.

"Want A War" is my favorite so far. These vocals are sweet. This is their heavier song as well. It has a chunky rock sound that ends up doing a lot of things in between. Some scratching, some rockin, some bluesy rockabilly, some alternative. Nice changes and vocal melodies! Diver Bird mixes it up well with no interruptions in the music's flow. I'm pretty impressed. The vocals during the chorus on this one are addicting. I found myself restarting this tune a few times! Never mind what I said about Jon sounding like Rahul, Jon kills him on vocals, hands down.

I can see this band doing well, and people getting into them bigtime. I'm looking forward to seeing this new band in action very soon, so I booked them for my July 1 Original Rock Showcase at PHT. That would be something to see. If he can pull it off live, he has my vote for one of Louevil's premier vocalists. We have something special here people, a three-piece that sounds like a five-piece! So when you hear the name Diver Bird, come running, because these new guys have something going on here, and it needs to be heard. Good job finding these guys, Frank!

Popkiss Chainsaw Doing Well:

Louisville's PopKiss Chainsaw seems to be making a name for themselves here lately, even making the cover/band of the month for Metal Mafia Magazine, a nationwide zine! They have also landed a few opening gigs for nationals as well. I've known those guys forever, and it's good to see them getting some payback for all their hard work. These guys know how to network and get their music out there, I will give them that. I need to take a lesson from these fellas on how to network properly!

I'm always seeing some poster, picture, or post regarding PKC. They do have a pretty cool sound going on. Vocalist Brian Goodman is an energetic wild man of a redneck! But that's a good thing. Wild man drummer Troy Ford is interesting to watch, and dude is flamboyant, with his crazy outfits and all. I like that he puts on a show as well as a performance. Charisma/stage presence is a whole other thing from musical ability. If only more bands in town could be like that.

So congrats to PKC for the good fortune here recently, hopefully it will lead to even more good fortune in the upcoming months. The band will be heading down to Nashville to record very soon, after a producer heard the band play a half-hour set at the Eddie Montgomery Music Showcase in Henderson, Ky about a month or so ago. The judges/staff of the showcase was impressed. Perhaps something good will come of that.

Autumn Canvas Reunited? Kind Of:

I talked to former Autumn Canvas bassist Corey Heim recently and he said that AC singer Alex Ruidiaz has moved back to Louisville and the guys will start writing music very soon! Thank god, we need more bands like these guys! Alex moving to Florida is what killed the band last time they were together! They were doing well, too.

Corey says they have fifty songs to work on/record (Dang, that's a lot. I'm lucky to have ten songs for each of my bands! Ha.), and that we can see the new unnamed project sometime in late 2011 or early 2012. Don't be surprised if it's all new stuff, though. I really liked the professionalism and laid-back attitudes of Autumn Canvas. Great band with very little attitude. I hope they keep the same good-natured positive outlook they have always had. I'll keep you informed!

New Band Alert, Tragic Refuge:

Tragic Refuge is a good new band featuring former members of Blackroom, Kavehill and Lost In Eden. Tragic Refuge is vocalist Sean Lee, guitarist Matt Buley and drummer Jason Ferguson. I saw them briefly not long ago and liked what I heard. It had a chunky, heavy, melodic, groovin' style that I found most appealing. Decent vocals, decent songwriting, and a killer guitar tone that was rockin' the house. You can't go wrong with Mesa Boogie amps. I'm checking out a live video of the song "Sumthin In The Water" and it has a lighter metal, doomy, sound with a dark vibe to it. Mucho groove, though! I liked what I heard live, and this is only the beginning for these guys. You won't hear any long, drawn-out guitar solos or guitar god theatrics. Tragic Refuge keeps it pretty simple. If there is one complaint. it's that they should add a smokin' lead guitarist to the lineup. These grooves and riffs are too jamming to be without some heartfelt leads in there. I think it would bring the music alive, and to an all new level. If you like crunchy guitars and toe tapping rhythms, then you might want to seek out some Tragic Refuge. For they are a new band with some darn good potential.Good people, good music! C'mon!

BoneJinn Returns w/ New Members:

BoneJinn vocalist Marty Triplett is, in my opinion, one of Louisville's best and most dedicated singers, but he has been through some rough times recently with his band BoneJinn. Marty has dealt with members having bad drug addictions, and unreliable members with no job or car. Dude has had it rough, and I know how much his music means to him. It's killing him not playing his music. Hopefully Marty has it right this time, for he has a new lineup of musicians who he says are much more like the BoneJinn of old. We will see for ourselves on Friday July 1 at PHT. Welcome back to the scene, Marty, and good luck with the new guys! Rock on, bro.

New Band Alert, Stone Line Blue:

Another new louevil three piece band that has promise is Stone Line Blue, another band whom I had never heard of. (That's what I love about louevil. Half of the bands are A-holes that you can barely work with because of the egos, but then you get a fresh supply of talented musicians that come in and make things much better and promising.) Stone Line Blue is a hard rock band. It's not very heavy at all, but there is talent there and they deserve exposure. I'm listening to "Helios" and it gets to rocking pretty darn fast. Nice hooky guitar. Shannon Grigsby's vocals are decent, but much too dry on this recording for my taste. I hate dry vocals on a vocalist that can actually hit notes!It would sound so much better with a nice reverb, slight delay, or an echo.

Lee Holbrook's rhythm guitar work is a tad simplistic but works well with what they are doing. However, Lee's lead guitar riffs sound great! Very nice. The quality of this demo is hurting the band, though, in my opinion. It would sound so much better done on a pro setup. "Stitch Marked Scar" is a ballad that starts out nice! Mr Grigsby's vocals sound so much better on this tune. The guitars and bass sound good, too. Nice clean sounds with new strings! I love the sound of new strings on an acoustic and bass. Unfortunately, the clip ended for some reason so I can't finish this song review, but I did like the start. Much better. These guys have chops, but they should re-record ASAP and get a quality copy. It makes all the difference in the world. Hey guys, call Michael Sanders at Jetlag Studios. He could make you sound unreal. For some good, ole fashioned, hard rock riffage, check out some Stone Line Blue.

Year Of The Gun E.P Complete:

Thank god! We have been working on this E.P for months now and as of June 1, it should be complete! We were supposed to be done a month or so ago, but Jetlag Studios had a fire and that put a hold on our project for a while, pushing back our release date. Song titles are "27 Years," "Die Alone," "Bleed," "Self-Made Man" and "Rainmaker." This is my best guitar work in a studio to date! I'm excited. Bands, if you need a great studio to record with, you should give Michael Sanders a call. He really is a great person to work with, and is a total wiz at production/engineering. I'm pretty happy with the results. We will be setting up another CD release date in the next month or so!

Jetlag Studios is located at Mom's Music in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Speaking of Mom's, I saw the jam room over there, and it's pretty neat that they have that right in the store! How cool. They have a PA that looks very nice! They should start up a bi-weekly showcase up there to help bands and their store to get some great exposure. LMN would support such an endeavor were it to come to pass.

The Vernon Club, Act Now Or We May Lose A Venue:

All right, you fargin slugs, get your butts out to this new venue, and support it, or we might end up losing this cool place where you can see some national and regional shows. I played there a month or so ago, and it was a very promising venue, indeed, with super cool people, BUT you people have to get this thing going strong so the place can progress! This is an all-ages venue, too, so don't blow your chances at a new place to hang. Bobaflex recently played there, and a few other local gigs were there as well, but it still hasn't quite got that kick in the butt that the place sodesperately needs. We need you mofos to come out to one of Louisville's oldest bowling alleys, Vernon Lanes, in Butchertown, and stop by the place underneath it, The Vernon Club, and you will see for yourself that this couldbe something good for our scene. So don't blow it!!!

From Ashes Eve To Cameron Sharp:

The guitarist from louevil rock band Ashes Eve has formed his own solo project called Cameron Sharp, a three-piece band in which Cameron sings. I'm sure he probably writes the music as well. Supposedly, they sound sort of like an acoustic act southern California style, Eagles/early Fleetwood Mac with drive and bit of a harder edge. It's all new musicthat is a bit more progressive than he has done before. No head banging or screams this time around folks. Ashes Eve was a great band whom I enjoyed very much. I wish I would have had more time to work with those guys. More info on Cameron Sharp coming soon!

Blessed By Death, Young And Slammin':

Here's a little louevil metal news for you! Louevil has a new hard-hitter in its midst, a young band with a mean sound composed of several types of metal infused into one beast of a metallic kaleidoscope. Thrash, death, doom, oldschool, this has it all.

Several years back a young kid named AJ Lucas used to write me online and talk about metal, my column, and all things to do with metal music. The kid had a serious passion for music. He was a cool kid who was dying to play music himself. He wanted to play the drums something fierce, and talked about it all the time! Well, I'm happy to report that the same kid got his wish/the drums he so badly wanted, and now rocks with a band called Blessed by Death. These young rockers of today don't fart around. They go for what they want with a vengeance! I've seen the name Blessed By Death out quite a bit, playing various shows, so I'm going to see what is up with AJ's metal project. I'm checking out the song "Decay" and I must say that I'm impressed with it so far. It's Death Metal, but it isn't super duper fast like most death metal is. It's a bit more thrashy. I can't believe AJ got so good on drums so fast. Wow. Kickass. This is some slammin' stuff. The guitars are decent and are better than I thought they would be. There are some nice shredding solos on this demo. The vocals of Chris and Josh Mumford are typical death metal, growly vocals, yet not too overboard or ridiculous likesome louevil retards get. "Clan Of Chaos" is a fast assault on the senses as they pummel you into submission. Very cool bass riffage. There haven't been many metal bands around who have had the goods in recent years, and I think we've found one that has the potential to do something cool. This song is brutal but fascinatingly addicting in its own way. Almost sounds like Black Label meets Morbid Angel. Then there is the cool leads that pop up every once in a while. Decent leads, too! I'm so glad I decided to check out Blessed By Death's stuff. Usually I don't like death metal that much anymore, but this stuff has a certain groove to it that is hard to not like. Doomy death? I dunno, but I'm digging it. I'm ready to book my band Krosjoint with these rockers.

It is a pleasure to be able to hear all new stuff I've never heard, and that I can help get the word out about this exciting new band Blessed By Death. I'm going to book these guys on my next metal show!

Blessed By Death joins the incredibly talented young bands like Snotozzy, Slakker, Reign Of Revelation, and a few others who are young, but very talented and dedicated to what they do. I've seen much older bands that cannot do what these young energetic rockers can do.

Krosjoint To Record Soon:

First off, thanks to everyone who has supported my new metal project Krosjoint. We are pretty happy with the buzz about the band, and kind words. We older guys still have the goods to kick some rump, so look out! For those who don't know, Krosjoint is made up of very experienced musicians from louevil bands such as Dogwater, 13th Level, Rathbone, Caldera, Kentucky Deathwish, Inhuman and more. On vocals is Brian "Buzz" Pyles; guitars are Matt Roeder and me; bass is Marcus Goldsmith, and the beast on drums is Jeff Beaven. If you haven't heard us, we are a cross of doom, thrash, stoner groove, and classic metal all rolled into one big fat doobie of good-time smoke metal. We will probably be recording at Mike Taylor studios or Jetlag studios, we haven't decided just yet. Both are highly recommended though!

In the meantime, so you can get a taste of Krosjoint (it's sweet! Ha ha!), here is a sample of our stuff.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYC1hI8BP2U

Hope you dig it.

Upcoming Shows

Expo 5

Friday, July 15 Underoath w/ Times Of Grace, Stray From The Path and Letlive. 7 P.M. $18

Tuesday, July 26 Emmure w/ Alesana, Iwrestledabearonce, Bless The Fall, For Today, , In This Moment, Born Of Osiris, The Ghost Inside, After The Burial, Motionless In White, Chelsea Grin, Sleeping With Sirens, Attila, For All Those Sleeping and Memphis May Fire. 12:30 p.m. $25

Sunday, July 31 Clutch w/ Corrosion Of Conformity and Groundscore. 7 P.M. $18

Phoenix Hill Tavern

Thursday, June 2 Otep w/ Blackguard, Destrophy, Sister Sin, One Eyed Doll, Revocation, Last Chance To Reason and Littledidweknow. 7:30 p.m. $15.

Friday, June 3 Original rock showcase series: Krosjoint, Rifle, Breaking The Cycle, Tragic Refuge and Dogs Of War (formerly Through The Storm). Free before 9 p.m.. $5 after.

Friday, June 10 Vital Remains w/ Sever This Illusion, Succumb to Demise and Witness The Reckoning.

7 P.M. $10

Saturday, June 11 Tri Tones and 2 Pump Chump. 8 P.M.

Saturday, June 18 Crossfade and Pop Evil w/ guest Emphatic and Adakain. 7:30 P.M. $15

Friday, July 1 Original Rock Showcase Series: BoneJinn, Diver Bird, Cameron Sharp, Heatherfield and Stone Line Blue. Free before 9 p.m.. $5 after.

Thursday, July 7 The Devin Townsend Band w/ Obscura, Septic flesh, Driven Into Exile and Sinistral. 7 P.M. $15

Friday, August 5 Rehab. $15 adv/$18 day, of show.

Friday, August 5 Original Rock Showcase Series: Elephant Room, Popkiss Chainsaw, Year Of The Gun and others T.B.A.

Uncle Pleasants

Saturday, June 25 Consume Consumer w/ Season at Sea CD Release. 7 P.M. $8

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Saturday, July 16 Hellogoodbye w/ Fake Problems, Fences and A great big pile of leaves. 7 P.M .$15