Berk Bryant

Bluegrass Beat
By Berk Bryant

They say April showers bring May flowers. IF that's the case, there'll be huge bouquets everywhere you look. For a little while there, I was reminded of an old pop, blues or whatever song by Lena Horne, "Stormy Weather." Well, that's spring and I'm glad it's here. Maybe now we can go for "Blue Skies."

Forest Fest at Jefferson Memorial Forest

OK, what's coming up now besides the flowers? Forest Fest, that's what, Sunday, May 21. Tonya Swan and all the backing she gets have done it again. Along with Bluegrass 101, Relic and the Highrollers, she has managed to headline with one of the hot, hot groups out there today, The Grascals. I am acquainted with most of them and have been able to call Terry Eldridge friend since around '83-'84. When I first met Terry, he and his brother were playing for Lonzo and Oscar. Always good to see him and the rest of the band. Very popular in part because they are having a good time and it comes across to us, the audience. Oh, might mix in a good pinch of laid-back, formerly known as easygoing.

An added attraction to Forest Fest this year -- Jam sessions, 7:30 - 11 p.m. In the campsite area. For more information, check or call 502-368-5404. If you want to make a reservation for a campsite, mention the jam discount and get $3 off.

Belle Of Louisville Bluegrass Cruises

The Sunday bluegrass lunch cruises on the Belle of Louisville will start their summer schedule on May 29. More information next month, and I will be looking for you. Folks have been asking me when, and I've just now gotten the good word. Many of the bands from last year will be returning and the same good catering will be back. Good, bring it on.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention my dear friend Wade Mainer. Last month was his birthday number 104!

A good little bit from my English friend Colin Clark this month that I would like to share: Colin works at museums in his area as tour guide, in character. Recently he was hired at the largest museum there. A real move upward. Before he left the last one where he was guiding, he sent me this: "Before we stopped guiding at Dudlely, I had a group turn up one Saturday who had really obvious American accents. Turned out that one guy came from Louisville. After the Victorian talk, I got him on one side and mentioned I'd been there. Also mentioned your name … just in passing conversation. He came back with the reply 'WFPK ... Sunday Bluegrass ... listen to him every week when I'm home.' Could have knocked me down with a feather. WHAT A SMALL WORLD, BABY!" Colin.

Thanks, Colin.

What's Coming Up/Going On."

The jams are ongoing. Thursdays at the Holiday Inn I-64 East, 1325 S. Hurstbourne Parkway at I-64. Vine Grove expects to go back to Monday nights in the Optimist Park the first Monday of May. Breckenridge Music Association Jam every Thursday. McQuady Fire House, Silver Heights Bingo Hall, Tuesday nights. Holiday Inn in Louisville. Colesburg Baptist Church, Friday nights. And Hillview City Hall, Thursday nights.

And now the wrap-up. Hey, Sunday Bluegrass every Sunday night, 8-11 p.m. I want to add sincere thanks to all of you for a very successful fund drive last month. The best ever, they tell me. You told us you highly approve of what we do, that you want it to continue. Stay with us and we'll stay with you. Let's get a doughnut!