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Bluegrass Beat
By Berk Bryant

It's that time of the year. November ... and I dare say Fall is in all its glory and whatever goes with it. Time seems to be moving at double time; I mean it's really been a year. Wow ... it's time to be making those menus, travel plans and, yep, perhaps that Christmas shopping list. It helps to start early and stay away from that last minute, which starts before Christmas Eve. Spend a little at a time and don't wake up broke Christmas morning.

John Hartford Documentary

A word to all John Hartford fans. You may have heard me talk about this, but now I'm going to pass it along here. There is a John Hartford documentary which is in the final editing stages. AeroPlain Musical Preservation Project has launched a national funding campaign to make this possible. This is NOT a for-profit endeavor, it IS for the dedication to the great entertainer John Hartford. It is to keep his memory, music and life story alive.

Check it out at . Here you will learn how you can make a donation to this worthy cause. There is a preview trailer for you to view. Every donor receives a bit of John Hartford memorabilia; no donation is too small or too large. I know personally that this is a dedicated project that has not been thrown together, but rather painstakingly searched and researched for 7+ years. It is produced by folks who knew John personally.

John Hartford was many things. He was a songwriter, a multiple instrument musician, an entertainer, a writer and a steamboat pilot. If you would be so inclined, Google "John Hartford Documentary trailer" and then decide if you could make a donation to this effort. I have. Make up your mind pretty quick; deadline is Nov. 15. It has been one of my life's great experiences to call John Hartford friend. A true friend. This is happening right here in Louisville.

Come On Back

Bluegrass Anonymous (a Louisville bluegrass organization) is promoting an effort to get IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) back to Louisville. Check them out at and add your name to the list. Thanks!

Busy October

Quite a bit happened last month, among which was my yearly trip to The Museum of Appalachia Tennessee Fall Homecoming. This is another opportunity to reconnect with performers, friends and attendees alike. It is a real treat. As in so many functions of this nature, attendance is down a little. Many reasons for that, including the number of similar type festivals that have sprung up all around. Let's be optimistic and believe next year will be better.

The Lost Notebooks

OK, throw the switch for a short side track. I really don't think you'll mind. There is a new project out -- I think on the shelf now -- called The Lost Notebooks. A booklet with the CD gives a good explanation of the title. What is it? It refers to notebooks Hank's mother -- that's right -- Hank Williams SR., had and turned over to Fred Rose. They made a lot of trips, changing hands and things like that. Finally they were "rediscovered" and brought out into the music and fan world. These contained partially finished songs, some finished and needed a little help. Several country artists were carefully selected to pick a song and finish it to recording. Just to give you an idea ... Alan Jackson, Merle Haggard, Patty Loveless and ... well, you know. Look for it and listen for it. The Lost Notebooks Of Hank Williams.

What's Going On

Jams: Thursday, 6 p.m., McQuady Fire Dept., McQuady, Ky. Friday, 6 p.m., Colesburg Baptist Church. Thursday, 6 p.m., Hillview City Hall (L'vll). Friday, 6 p.m., Vine Grove, Vine Grove City Hall. Tuesday nights, Silver Heights Bingo Hall (L'vll).

Now for Shepherdsville Music Barn: Nov. 4, Danny Paisley & Southern Grass. Nov. 11, Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out. Nov 18, The Grascals. Nov. 25, Don Stanley & Middle Creek. Dec. 2, Larry Chunn & A Step Ahead.

Almost Done

Well, I'm done for this time. OK, almost. Remember, come Thanksgiving join the family, be thankful for what you have and remember this IS a day of Thanksgiving. Join me on WFPK 91.9 Sunday and every Sunday night from 8 to 11 p.m. Don't ______ and drive.