A Local Conglomerate Returns

Baldango (Independent)

Slim Chance Rides Again

By Kevin Gibson

Many years ago think 15 or more a group of Louisville musicians got together, called themselves Slim Chance and recorded an album. It was not picked up by a label, and no fame and wealth was forthcoming.

Regardless, the CD was a warm and fun pop-rock record that circulated through the local music scene, remaining in many Louisvillians' collections to this day.

Fast forward to 2011 Slim Chance Rides Again is the new name, and Baldango is the new album. Several of the core group are present on the new album, including the late Tim Krekel, and true to form, it's a warm and fun nine-song romp.

Most of the songs are twangy pop, characterized by Jackie Metry's warm, strong vocals. The disc kicks off with the bright and jangly "Incarceration" then weaves its way through the smoky title track and bluesy "Graduation Day" before landing on the lovely "Cinderella Midnight."

Krekel joins the party on the title track and "Dreamland," while other local notables such as Nick Reifsteck, Hambone, Barry King and others play key roles. The always-solid drumming of John Hayes holds the whole thing together.

Engineered by veteran Louisville producer Jeff Carpenter (Krekel, Bodeco), Baldango also gets songwriting contributions from a number of folks. Carpenter wrote or co-wrote several of the songs, along with Mary Kennedy, Bryan Hurst, Michael Walker, Rust Ends and others.

One of the highlights on the disc is Carpenter's (along with co-writer Danny Johnson) "Doing What You Do," which pokes a bit of fun at pop country and celebrity with lines like: "How can I learn to complain/Even when they're serving champagne/You have to work nights too/Is there anything you suffer through?"

If you're looking for a musical stocking-stuffer this Christmas, this one is worth a look. You can find it at cdbaby.com/cd/slimchance3