El Flujo
By Djinn Shockey

A Little Acoustic… A Little Dance..

Normally I focus on dance, but this month I wanted to touch on a different subject that I feel deserved a little recognition.

Recently, LMN's own Paul Moffett brought the music back into a local venue that has been silent for far too long (with the exception of the jukebox). Personally, I've always seen Paul as the person behind the scenes and my editor, but he is in fact a talented guitarist who has a knack for bringing other like-minded, talented musicians together.

The venue is Air Devils Inn on Taylorsville Rd, which has been around longer than any other bar in our fair city. Throughout its existence it has seen some famous musicians on its simple stage, which sports a painted mural of many of them. However, for several months, ADI grew silent much to the dismay of many that knew its musical history.

Paul changed that and started a chain reaction. There is now an acoustic jam every Wednesday starting around 7:30 p.m. at ADI in which Paul and many others perform. One couldn't exactly call this an open mic, but it is a similar format.

The Wednesday I was there featured a wonderful fiddler, harp player, cellist, and several guitarists. Every week a few more people show up with instruments and step on the stage to play a tune. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the performers tend to play a more folk or blues style. Some songs are known, others are originals, the arrangements a collaboration of the talent on the stage going with what they feel. Over all, these talented folks provide a very mellow, yet very entertaining evening, and it's easy to dance to.

So, props to Paul for bringing music back in the door at ADI.

Like Goth?

Lisa's Oak St. Lounge at 1004 Oak St presented the Louisville Dark Party on June 9. This was a DJ-event filled with lots of energy, alcohol and dancing. The Louisville Dark Party hosts goth events monthly, so if you're into that scene, the dark party is the place to be. You can track future events on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sassafrasdancecompany#!/louisville.darkparty

The Downs After Dark Desert Oasis

Raqia, known for her annual charity event Raq'n Around the Christmas Tree, celebrated the Derby with her own special type of flair. The Downs After Dark Desert Oasis happened on June 16 at Churchill Downs. As with all Raqia's shows, there was a talented lineup of performers entertaining the crowd with their fluid belly dance. The lineup was Fairoza, Kelai, Molly, Amy, Serafina, Raqia and Dominique.

Upcoming events and classes:

Starting on June 18 at 5:00 p.m. until July 23, Mantra Movement Mondays presents BellyJoy for Beginners at the Yoga Artz Hub, 555 South 28th Street Suite C, Paducah, Kentucky

This class is an introduction to belly dance with a focus on alignment and breath {movement with intention} brought to you by Jessica Joy. Jessica will teach with a focus on intention (mantras, + mudras), dance posture, breathing, etc. Breath + breathing into the movements while learning the foundation of our planet's most ancient spiral dance: undulations, small and large hip circles, figure 8s, mayas, and shimmies are some of the dance moves that are covered. This class will be gentle enough for all shapes, sizes, ages