Nada Surf is Making Waves

By Kurt Reynolds

The rock band Nada Surf is on a national tour promoting their seventh studio album, "The Stars are Indifferent to Astronomy," on Barsuk Records. The New York group, which started out in the 90's, has made quite a name for themselves over the years, touring all over the United States and Europe. Their genre fits somewhat into a radio-friendly mainstream rock, somewhere between Semisonic and The Wallflowers. However, upon hearing them live, it became much more difficult to pin them to the sound of any particular band. This goes to show how the band has developed their own particular sound.

Their show at Headliners on June 24 provided a glimpse of their talent and capabilities. The hall was filled with an enamored audience, constantly anticipating the next song, yet, savoring every second of what was being performed at the moment.

During the moments leading up to the performance, the anticipation was palpable. The excitement only heightened as the ambient music playing over the speakers in the hall came to a decrescendo hush, and the stage lights brightened as the group took the stage.

Nada Surf started out strong with a catchy Nineties-sounding rock song; however that was just the preamble to one of their more popular songs. The band followed with their single "Waiting for Something." This particular tune had the crowd jumping up and down and swinging their arms in the air. One couldn't help but to be taken in by the energy in the room.

The Headliners show was quite enjoyable, with Nada Surf exhibiting a great stage presence and energy that kept the audience drawn to the music. For those who were not able to make it out to the show, more information can be found on their website The site also features the music video for their single "Waiting for Something," along with tour dates, photos and band information.

Nada Surf seemed like a great secret that was let out of the bag when watching them live, especially for someone who has never heard of the band. Fans of rock music would be hard to be disappointed when listening to the group.

It is good to know that traditional rock is still alive and well, even though it may be hiding in the niches of various cities across the country.