Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
Clay Cook

>Name : Clay Cook

Age: 27

Instrument: Guitar

Band/Former Bands: Listen Listen Man (2010 Current), (intheclear) (2003-2010), Static/Divide (2001-2003)

How long on instrument: 13 Years

Equipment: Gibson Guitars, Fender Guitars, Vox Amplification, Orange Amplification, MXR Pedals

Influences: I have a wide array of influences but these three acts have remained a constant and important source of inspiration for me over my musical career… Coldplay, U2, Killswitch Engage.

My first gig: Tek World, 2001

Hobbies: I love what I do for a living, my hobbies are my work. Photography, cinematography and graphic design.

Favorite movies: I'm an extreme film fanatic, there are just too many to list individually, so instead I'll mention my favorites directors; Christopher Nolan, Robert Zemekis, Micahel Mann, Oliver Stone, Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg.

Favorite food: Unfortunately, anything with a lot of carbs!

Favorite place: Most recently South Beach, Miami. Love the high energy atmosphere.

Bad habits: Workaholic.

What I'm listening to nowadays: Periphery, Katy Perry, Florence And The Machine, Chris Brown, Walk The Moon, Goyte, Neon Trees

Coolest thing I've done: I've done a lot of cool things throughout my musical career, I feel truly blessed to of had many amazing experiences, from playing in front of 12,000 people to touring the nation. But most recently, skydiving.

Most embarrassing moment: I work hard and play hard. I embarrass myself more then I should. Don't really have one that sticks out to my memory.

Who do you love: I love my friends and family.

When/where did you first get some: So we're getting real close up now…during my glory days as a young lad, I had a really really good time at a house party.