Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
John Anderson

Name : John Anderson

Age: 50 (yeah, really frickin 50! I wasn't supposed to make it past 30!)

Instrument: Guitar, bass, keys, little vocals

Band/Former Bands: LOTs of bands here are the tops Mama Sez (all original out of Indy), The Weekend (cover band out of Indy), FreeFall (cover band out of Pennsylvania/New Jersey), Almost Noah (cover band out of Louisville), Boozer (original band out of Louisville), Willie Jeffries (original project out of Louisville)

How long on instrument: I have been playing since I was 8 (using basic math skills this means 42 years) and I STILL can't get it right.

Equipment: A few Pauls (68 Custom re-issue, Standard, Standard), Parker Fly, Peavey thing Kevin McCreary sold me a million years ago. Vox Amps/Vox Modelling pedals and more more more

Influences: Everyone I have ever listened to to name a few: Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, Steve Morse and Steve Lukather.

My first gig: In a garage, playing and singing lead in a band called Gangster (yes, we wore hats), I was 15, we were paid with Jack Daniels; I got WAY too drunk and to this day cannot drink Jack :-(

Hobbies: All things computing recording writing walking (use to jog but got too old) macrame and knitting

Favorite movies: Office Space/Pulp Fiction

Favorite food: Beth's meatloaf and pretty much anything else she cooks. STEAM POTS!

Favorite place: My man cave (innuendo notwithstanding)

Favorite sports or team: Any college team playing their asses off in any sport.

What I'm listening to nowadays: All original stuff non radio as underground as I can get it and some classic rock if I am listening to the radio

Coolest thing I've done: Musically Opened for Cheap Trick at Coyotes

Most embarrassing moment: Fell asleep during a Tony McAlpine interview when he was up and coming I was sick and had just asked a question and started snoring before he finished his answer OH, and we were face-to-face :-S

Bad Habits: I probably should make better use of my medical benefits :D

When/where did you first get some: 18 back seat neither of us knew what the heck we were doing ( I know, late bloomer whatever :P )

If you could meet a rock star ( past or present ), who would it be, and why: Frank Zappa I would LOVE to try to get a better understanding of how he thought through his compositions and musical meanderings.

Who do you love: Beth and all of our kids and grand kids (all who would be extremely pissed if I had not made it past 30 ;-) )