Jacob Carter Vs. The Taliban

By Eddy Metal

Jacob Carter's experience as a Sergeant in the Army is impressive as well, as he has fought the Taliban all over Afghanistan, and even almost losing his life a few times. Jacob told me his story about how the Taliban was shooting at his plane when it took off. "It was my time in rotation for some RandR back home in the USA for two weeks, and we loaded aboard a C-17 and after a long wait I finally heard the engines firing up, and in this moment a sense of relief flooded me as I knew I was going home, if only for 2 weeks. As the plane started to gain altitidue towards the mountain ridge straight ahead, my ears popped, and All of the sudden, the plane took a hard, hard left and we heard loud, exploding sounds coming from the rear of the plane. In which I found out later, were the diversion flares being dispersed. Evidently, there were Taliban fighters positioned on the moutain ridge, locked and loaded with RPGs, ready to blow our plane out of the sky. Thank God our Air Force pilots knew exactly what to do when they enganged the diversion flares to counteract the Taliaban's attempt to blow our plane up with their Rocket Propelled Grenades. The Air Force pilots were true guardian angels at the time. Lastly, a funny moment, once we were leveled back out, I vomited everywhere due to my ever so gracious chronic motion sickness! My soldiers kept saying, what happened to badass Sgt Carter!!!! We all laughed and thanked God for a safe flight toward our final destination to America!"