Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
Steven Parrish Sawyers

Name:Steven Parrish Sawyers

Age:Body 43 yrs; Mind 13 yrs. Soul Enlightened.

Instrument:Vocals, although I've recently started taking guitar lessons and I suck! Apologies to all the guitarists I've given crap to over the years because it's much harder to play than I thought.

Band/Former Bands:Year of the Gun 2008-current, Never 2002-2004, Blowfly 2000-2002, Orion 1999-2000, Rude Awakening/Shattered Reality 1990-1997, Captain's Trip 1989-90, White Lightning 1986-87.

How long on instrument:I've been singing in bands since 1986 but I didn't start writing original music until 1990. Damn I'm old!

Equipment:Shure Super with a Beta 58 cartridge. It's the same style microphone that Elvis Presley and others used back in the day.

Influences:Like a lot of people from my generation, KISS was my first favorite band but I also listened to Styx, Bad Company, AC/DC and a ton of other great bands from that era when I was a kid. My teens took me down the hair band road (Tesla, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi etc.) and then grunge (A.I.C.) and metal (Pantera and Metallica). Nowadays I prefer more laidback music.

My first gig:Carl Casper's Auto Show band battle in 1987. We played "Shook Me All Night Long," "Living After Midnight," "Nobody's Fool" and a Spanky Lee song I can't remember.

Hobbies:Songwriting, bass fishing (although I can't get Scott Holston to take me anymore wink, wink, nudge, nudge...)

Favorite movies:Star Wars series, anything J.J. Abrams, Christopher Nolan or Quentin Tarantino, "A River Runs Through It," "The Princess Bride," "True Romance," "The40-Year-Old Virgin."

Favorite food:Burgoo from Mark's Feed Store, sushi, meat and potatoes, Mexican food.

Favorite place:NYC, but Los Angeles and San Francisco are both cool places to visit. Yosemite national park is amazing, too

Favorite sports or team:GO CARDS!!!

What I'm listening to nowadays:It may shock some people but I listen to new country about half the time. As a songwriter, I'd love to be able to sell some of my songs to a country artist, so I want to know where the industry currently is. I also listen to Marcy Playground, Cake, Seven Mary Three, Rob Thomas, 30 Seconds To Mars, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars. Yes, I prefer mostly commercial music and I'm not ashamed of that.

Coolest thing I've done:I've been fortunate to have been able to experience a lot of cool stuff. There's no way to pick just one but some of the things that stand out are: getting married at sunset on the beach to my wife; meeting my music hero John Wozniak from Marcy Playground; meeting Jerry Garcia; Ice-T; Metallica; James Woods; Carlos Santana; Herbie Hancock and several other awesome musicians. (Yes, I know James Woods isn't a musician).

Most embarrassing moment:My first wife and I were waiting for our pizza inside Pizza Hut. The place was packed! She had been standing beside me but had decided to go play a video game without telling me so imagine my surprise when I reached down to grab her ass but grabbed a handful of some dude's ass instead!!! I quickly apologized and got out of there. Talk about embarrassing. Now I make sure to look before grabbing ass!

Bad Habits:Saying "That's what she said," eating sweets and I really need to quit smoking cigarettes!

When/where did you first get some:My first time was at the young age of 13. So was she. We didn't have a clue what we were doing, we just knew it felt good! (Sorry Mom).

If you could meet a Rockstar (past or present), who would it be, and why:John Lennon before Yoko. He was an awesome songwriter and had a great outlook on life.

Who do you love:Stephanie Wilson Sawyers and my entire family including my mother-in-law, how many guys can say that?