Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
Michala Bouska

Name : Michala Bouska

Age :30

Instrument :Vocals

Band/Former Bands : Caducus

How long on instrument : From what I can remember, I've been singing since I discovered Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley at around 3 or 4 yrs old.

Equipment : My mic, I'm not a fan of mic stands but I have one of those, too.

Influences: : Opera, Celtic, Metal, Bluegrass, Punk, Electronic, Folk, Rock … my musical tastes are eclectic and everything I hear influences my personal style. 

My first gig : Does hiding in the back row of 1st grade choir at a Christmas concert count? No? Well, it should. 

Hobbies :Technically my band, until we make enough money for me to quit my day job. Really though, I have horses and dogs that keep me busy, I try to grow plants like the farmer I was raised to be and they die anyway, and I climb anything in front of me that goes vertical. Trees & jungle gyms, people...Jeesh.

Favorite movies : Any Jet Li movie, Lost Boys, Labyrinth, The Crow, Sean of the Dead, new Star Treks. Mostly I enjoy Kung Fu, Horror or Comedy, or Horror Comedy movies.

Favorite food : Ice cream...Yeah that.

Favorite place : Phelps Park in Decorah, Iowa (Yep I'm Iowan!). Or anywhere I am where it's just my horse and me, doesn't really matter where we are.

Favorite sports or team : Bull riding! It has to be the Built Ford Tough Tour. Even though I'm a Chevy girl, they have the best bulls and the hot Brazilian riders! 

What I'm listening to nowadays : Azam Ali, Karnivool, In This Moment, and Buddy Holly have been my most listened to I<3Radio/Pandora stations lately. 

Coolest thing I've done : TBA, I'm not dead yet.

Most embarrassing moment : I'm not sure that I've spent much time being embarrassed. I get smoked int the head often enough to realize that I am clumsy, and I take it in stride. 

Bad Habits : I chew my nails like they offended me.

When/where did you first get some : I think I was 14, it was in the sauna of a hotel where my mom's entire family was staying for my aunts wedding.

9.If you could meet a Rock star ( past or present ), who would it be, and why : I've met plenty of rock stars, I want to meet Jet Li.

Who do you love : Oh, they know who they are, no need to announce it.