Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

November has been a busy month for your humble editor – but productive. The following back issues of LMN have been coded and uploaded to the LMN website for your reading:

1994 April, featuring Walker & Kays

1994 March, featuring Rodan

1994 February, featuring Straight Company

1994 January, featuring Smokehouse (Eden Street)

1993 December, featuring Charlie Walls

The 1993 November issue, featuring Curtis Marlatt, will be up shortly after the first of the month.

December is halfway slow for music, which is to say, up to about the 15th or so of the month. Things will pick up in January. In the meantime, have yourself a merry little holiday season and don't drink and drive.


Burke, Matthew "Matt," 54, died on November 21, 2016. He was a songwriter and musicians.

Reed, David "Dave" died on November 10, 2016. He was a founding member of the Reed Brothers Band. (Details not available)

Phillips, Philip, 60, died on November 14, 2016. He was the lead singer for the Tarnations.