Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal

Name: Doug Florio

Age: 49

Instrument: Guitar/vocals (bass, drums)

Band/Former Bands: Solo artist, The Mood, Another Colour, Kimmet & Doug, Days of the New, Tantric aaand... Solo Artist.

How long on instrument: 40 years.

Equipment: Takamine acoustic/electric, Fender Stratocaster

Influences: Jesus, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Van Halen, Al Dimeola, Tommy Emmanuel, Jim Croce.

My first gig: Hardscrabble Fair in NY was the first non-backyard concert when I was an early teen. We had to beat out the other local school kids for it. I fondly remember the competing tough guy band bringing a big sign with their band name on it. Our just as "teen troubled" friends fought for the sign and made it rain little pieces of cardboard in the crowd. It never got any easier. This business is often thankless

Hobbies: I enjoy motorcycles and also chasing girls till I catch them so they can ruin everything. Really my main hobby is my work. I always have a guitar in my hand until my tendons tear and cause that old strain injury and I have to put it down.

Favorite movies: Led Zeppelins "The Song Remains the Same, Three Amigos, All of me, The jerk, Ghost. Oh yea... GALAXAY QUEST!

Favorite food: Pizza ( I need to give that up).

Favorite place: LOUISVILLE KY

Favorite sports or team: Van Halen

What I'm listening to nowadays: A lot of my own stuff, classic rock and Tommy Emmanuel

Coolest thing I've done: I think other than playing stadiums with Days of the New, moving to KY was the best thing ive ever done. Also just standing in the audience and watching Jethro Tull play one of the songs I wrote with Kimmet Cantwell (When No One's Watching) and have her sing it while Ian Anderson played my guitar parts on his flute was maybe the coolest thing ever.

Most embarrassing moment: I've done so many embarrassing things before I got sober 16 years ago but just to pick one, I suppose being on a crack and booze binge for a few days and calling Courtland Rose, the old manager of Pheonix Hill, and explaining why I missed an entire gig that and I needed help with alcoholism is pretty heavy. At the time I always though that no matter how drunk or high you are, you can still stagger into work if you're a musician. I actually missed an 11pm show that time. It's not like I had to get up early. I never partied again after that and Courtland Rose supported me, kept me employed and was proud of me.This city saved my life.

Bad Habits: Pizza, pizza, pizza. cigarettes, cursing and touching myself.

What was your first concert ever: Charlie Daniels.

If you could meet a Rockstar ( past or present ), who would it be, and why: I've met so many (my most beloved was Davey Jones and hugging him and us telling each other "I love ya man" before he died) but would love to meet Robert Plant because he's the king of rock in every way like: looks, sound, improvisation, lyrics, range and innovation. When I listen to live bootlegs I almost always know what he's going to do different live before he does it. I think we think very much alike and he's my absolute hero of invention.

Who do you love: My dream Kathleen.