Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
Dallas Tyler

Name: Dallas Tyler.

Age: 37.

Instrument: Drums.

Band/Former Bands: Suckerpunch, After the Fall, Buried on The Battlefield, currently Some Kind of Saint.

How long on instrument: About 25 years (I would of thought I'd be a little better at this after 25 years!).

Equipment: Gretsch drums, Meinl cymbals.

Influences: My dad, he was a drummer and introduced me to music. When I was starting out on the drums he would set the drums up in the living room and put headphones on me and play AC/DC and tell me to play along.

My First Gig: I think it was The Whistlestop in LaGrange about 20 years ago!.

Hobbies: Does chasing your kids around counts as a hobby? Hanging out with my wife and kids, playing drums, watching sports, trying to keep up with my daughter in video games.

Favorite Movies: Back to the Future, The original Batman, and the standard gangster movies everyone always mentions.

Favorite Food: Pizza!.

Favorite Place: Being on a nice beach with the family on vacation.

Favorite Sports or Team: NFL-Titans, and all UofL Sports.

What I'm listening to nowadays: I've been going through my parents records a lot lately, (Chicago Transit Authority, James Gang, Buddy Miles, old Neil Young) and pretty much just songs we have been working on at band practice. I also have to listen to DJX in the car, couldn't tell you who it is, but I know the song.

Coolest thing I've Done: After The Fall opening for Clutch at the famous Tek World, and with a little help from Mr. Eddy Metal, we got to open for Chevelle at Phoenix Hill Tavern.

Most Embarrassing moment: I would say when I tore my ACL wrestling at a bachelor party and having to explain to every nurse and doctor how it happened.

Bad Habits: None, I'm perfect.

What was your first concert: Eric Clapton, right after that unplugged album came out.

If you could meet a Rockstar (past or present), who would it be, and why: Ginger Baker, I saw a documentary on him and he seems like he would be entertaining to follow around for a day.

Who do you love: My family and Bud Light.