Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

With Spring finally arriving, quite late in March, activities around the city have fired up with a vengeance, including the somewhat reduced tree pollen, which lost a few blooms with the late freeze. As for the human part of life in Derby City, that's another story – lots of music has been scheduled, even with the lack of Porter's, the Phoenix Hill Tavern, New Vintage and the Monkey Wrench, all of which which continue to be lamented. New and old spots have taken up the slack, although the drain on the concert-goers bank accounts from the major shows coming to the largest venues has depressed the turnout for lesser-well-known acts. So it has ever been in Louisville. Go out and listen to some live music: it's a better experience that what comes over your earbuds.

Back Issues Update

There are a number of back issues of LMN that have been completed since last month and are online for your amusement and astonishment:

1992 December – Kush Griffith

1992 November – SummerScene/WinterScene

1992 October – Louisville Drummers

1992 September – Mere Mortals

1992 August - da Mudcats

1992 July – 200 Years Of Kentucky Music

1992 June – Coyote Calhoun and the Amazing WAMZ Radio Station

1992 May – The Shufflin' Grand Dads

Forecastle Fest

Here's the lineup for Forecastle Fest:



Cage the Elephant

Run the Jewels


Capital Cities


Teddy Abrams & Friends

Real Estate

Waka Flocka Flame

Twin Limb



John Moreland

Chicano Batman

Mondo Cozmo

The Shelters

Quiet Hollers

Jaye Jayle