Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

At the beginning of August, it is a great pleasure to announce that all of the printed issues of Louisville Music News have been uploaded to While there remain some isolated pages missing, most notably calendar pages, all of the articles are there. At the moment, they are searchable only by year and month; more involved search methods are under consideration. On the list are searches by title, author and type of article. Some are now searchable by act (band or performer name).

It has been quite a long process of uploading old issues, particularly from the first half of the Nineties, as the storage media of the period tended to fail over time, thus making the content inaccessible. The alternative was to scan all the pages of such an issue and run the scans through Optical Character Recognition software, followed by proofreading for inevitable errors. It was tedious.

In any event, the issues can be found under the Archives button on the front page at

The IBMA Awards nominations have been announced and a couple of Louisville artists have made the list:

Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper were nominated for IBMA's Instrumental Group Of The Year.

Aaron Bibelhauser, writer, Blue Collar Dreams – Balsam Range (artist), Song Of The Year

Michael Cleveland (artist), in three different categories for Fiddler's Dream:  Album Of The Year and Instrumental Recorded Performance Of The Year (co-producer) and for Steamboat Whistle Blues – Michael Cleveland featuring Sam Bush (artists), Fiddler's Dream (album), Jeff White and Michael Cleveland (producers), Compass Records (label) Recorded Event Of The Year.

Michael Cleveland was also nominated for Instrumental Performer Of The Year (fiddle).


Gentry, Roy, died on July 19. 2017. He was a Southern Indiana musician and aficionada of roots music who played with and fronted a number of bands.a

Morton, Barrington "Boogie," 79, died in Louisville on July 22, 2017. He was a well-known Louisville keyboard and saxophone player who worked with many Louisville bands during his career.