Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
Steve Hayes

Name : Steve Hayes

Age : A very young 52....

Instrument : Drums.

Bands/ former bands : I'm currently playing With Rock Brigade and the River City Rockers and having a BLAST!!!
some former bands, Madd Rabbit, This Side Up, Two Pump Chump,Pandora's Box, Metal Legends, Audiorotic & The Nasty Habit Band.

How Long On Instrument : I have been Playing drums since the age of 10.
My brother had a set of drums that he never played. So I hauled those babies up to my room and started just pounding around making all kinds of racket.
Next thing I knew a new passion had taken over!! I taught myself to play my first song, "Little Willy" by The Sweet. The second song I learned was "Detroit Rock City" by Kiss. The fear then set in with the parents, seems like it was not long after they were divorcing and I have never stopped ROCKIN......lol.. No I don't really think it was me that caused their split.....lol

Equipment : I beat Ludwig drums and smack SABIAN cymbals.

Influences : Tommy Lee, Tommy Aldridge, Peter Criss, Randy Castillo, Neal Peart, James Kottak.
Way too many bands to name, if it ROCKED me I was influenced.

My First gig. When I was in the 3rd grade I did a Tom Jones imitation of his song "Shes A Lady" Bow Tie throwing and all.....LOL...
My first actual drumming gig was in a high school gym.

Hobbies : I love being outdoors, spending time with family and friends.
Even though playing drums has been somewhat a job for many years it's still a favorite hobby.

Favorite Movies : I have never been a huge movie buff even though I watch them quite often.
My favorite movies are comedy movies.

Favorite food : Love me some steak and tatter's!!

Favorite Place : Anywhere with loved ones enjoying life. I dig Panama City, Fl.
The stage is always a comfortable/favorite place to be. 

Favorite Sports or Team : I love NASCAR and pull for the #24 team!
The Kentucky Wildcats. The Cincinnati Reds. Indianapolis Colts.

What I'm Listening to Nowadays : I enjoy all kinds of music (if it's music) from oldies, to Rock, to Metal, to Country.
For sure a ROCKER at heart.

Coolest thing I've Done. : Became a father to two of the most amazing boy's a dad could dream of, Bruce Hayes and Shawn Jones.
Became a 4 time Grandfather of the most amazing grand kids a pappy could ask for. Blake, Dominick, Aubrey, and Chase.

Most Embarrassing Moment. : Doing a drum solo with lighted sticks and dropping one, (kind of hard to cover that up)
You can grab another stick out of the bag and not miss a beat but you can't hide that lighted stick up that laying in front of your drums....LOL...

Bad Habits : The only bad habit I've had that I haven't been able to kick is nasty, stinky cigarettes!!

My First concert ever : was The Bay City Rollers at the Kentucky State Fair in 1977

If I could meet any Rock Star : Elvis, Michael Jackson, Neal Peart.

Who Do I love : My sons,my grandchildren, My parents, All of my family, my Fiance Kim. So many friends, I am truly blessed with many amazing people in my life!!!