Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

It's Derby Time, citizens, so get your best outfits ready and your wallet stuffed and head for the nearest party where they have a bookie – or not, if you object to gambling. Of course, this week, you are absolved of the sin, so indulge if you feel the excitement.

Musically, you have the ongoing Kroger Fest-A-Ville, with live music all week, Drive-By Truckers will be there on May 3, Jimmy Eat World and the Velcro Pygmies n May 4.

On Derby Even, the Waterfront Jam's Miller Lite Music Stage will offer original and cover bands, including J.D. Shelburne, Velcro Pygmies, Wax Factory, and the Unlimited Show Band. The main act for the Derby Eve show is an EDM act as yet to be named (as of this writing).

So go forth and celebrate Spring excesses and remember, don't drive if you have been drinking. Call a Lyft or Uber or regular taxi and get home alive.

Former Louisvillian Alan Rhody has released a new CD, title Farther On, on Ashwood Recordings. Haven't had a chance to listen yet.

With the ongoing discussion about a new Louisville Music Museum, of course there is chatter about who should be in it. Mary Ann Fisher is a sure bet, and for this month, we have posted a link to the cover story that Jean Metcalfe wrote about Mary Ann, back in April 1993.

Back Issues Update

The back issues that have been posted since last month include the following:

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